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4 Types of Printing Techniques Used in Fashion Designing

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Fabrics with beautiful prints make for appealing garments. When you choose a material for your dress you select the most unique pattern. Ever wondered how are the patterns created on these clothes? There are a lot of different printing techniques that are used in India. These can vary with regions, as some have been in use since centuries.

Techniques like screen printing, block printing are commonly used. You can join Fashion Design classes in Hyderabad and learn more about these from experts.

Here are four types of printing techniques used in Fashion Designing:

Screen Printing

This type of printing has become popular in recent years. It is because of its versatility and the development of rotary screen-printing machines, which are capable of producing garments in bulk. It is also very useful because heavy depths of shade can be produced by this method.

Block Printing

This is a slow, laborious process where the blocks, made from wood are used and the design is hand carved, so that it stands out in relief against the background surface. The print paste is applied to the design surface on the block and it is then pressed against the fabric. Experts at Fashion Designing institutes in Hyderabad say that the process is repeated with different designs and colours until the craftsmen cover the entire fabric with this beautiful print.

Roller Printing

This has traditionally been preferred for long production runs because of the high speeds. It is a versatile technique since different colours can be printed simultaneously and this gives an extravagant impact on the fabric. The basic roller printing equipment consists of a number of copper-faced rollers in which the design is etched.

Warp Printing

This is the printing of a design on a sheet of warp yarns before weaving. The filling is either white or comprise of a neutral colour and a greyed effect is produced in the areas of the design. Join a Fashion Design college to know more about warp printing from professionals.

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