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4 Types of Rings You Can Learn to Design through a Jewellery Making Course

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Do you love collecting rings? We can imagine what a lovely collection you must be having. No matter what the occasion, most women love wearing rings. It could be a statement ring or a stack of metal ones, an addition to these can enhance your entire look.

There are different types of rings available in the market. Join a Jewellery making course and learn to make various types of rings from professionals. You can wear your designs on special occasions or gift these to your loved ones.

Here are four types of rings that you can learn to design through a jewellery making course:

Birthstone Rings

A birthstone is assigned to each month of the year. It is common for people to own jewellery that contains their birthstone and rings are no exception. You can join Jewellery Designing classes in Hyderabad and learn about different types of birthstones and how to add them in rings from experts.

Promise Rings

A promise ring is a type of symbolic ring. You can use any type of ring for a promise ring, but it is mostly a classic gemstone or metal band ring. These rings are used to symbolise a promise, usually religiously or culturally. You can choose one according to your choice and turn a traditional piece into a stylish piece of accessory.

Moissanite Rings

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral but when crafted into jewellery, it looks stunning. It makes a beautiful centerpiece in any ring. Though it is rarely available in nature, it can now be manufactured scientifically. Through Jewellery making classes, you can learn to design unique moissanite rings yourself.

Wedding Bands

In different cultures, men and women wear wedding bands after their marriage. These can be made of any material. Most bands are a simple metal, but others are more ornamental depending on one’s preference.

Join Hamstech’s Jewellery Designing course and learn to make earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and so much more. Enrol now and start the journey towards a successful career with us!

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