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4 Vegan Leather Types That Are Thankfully Here!

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Let’s look into the bright future of leather. Let’s look into vegan leather types that are gradually becoming popular, giving a new dimension to Accessory Design.

Vegan leather started as an environment-friendly alternative to animal leather. Today, Accessory Design courses are ready to train in the use of vegan leather.

Vegan leather is made from paper and plant extracts, processed for the quality and utility of conventional leather. With awareness on the rise, vegan leather is going to be the material for every leather fashion accessory.

These are some vegan leather options.

Paper Leather

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Paper leather is made from recycled paper, processed to get high quality and durability. It also has a good soft texture. It’s used to make bags

Coconut Leather

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This leather is made from bacterial cellulose grown on the agricultural waste from the coconut industry. It helps in making a leather-like material that is durable, water-resistant, flexible, bio-composite and breathable

Apple Leather

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A biodegradable leather alternative, it’s made from apple industry waste. It’s waterproof and sustainable too. It’s used in making fashion accessories including footwear and bags.

Teak Leaf Leather

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It’s made from fallen teak leaves that are soaked in water, dyed, arranged and dried to make composite chunks of leather-like material. This, with a blend of cotton, creates a soft material suitable to make durable bags and accessories.

Are you keen to explore more about vegan leather? The future seems bright in this respect. In time, you can come to find them in daily accessories.

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