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4 Ways to Create Layers in a Composition to Improve Photography

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Using layers in a picture composition impacts every type of photography. Layering objects in your composition allows you to give an illusion of depth and overcome its two-dimensional nature.

One of the easiest ways you can do that is to use foreground, middle-ground and background in your images. This is the beginning of the concept of layers. Experts at Photography institutes in Hyderabad say that you can then add things like light, depth of field and shutter speed into the equation for more complex images.

Here are four ways to create layers in composition to improve your Photography skills:

By Using Objects as Layers

When capturing frames outdoors, look for vegetation to include in front of your subjects. For example, you can include grass in front of a person who is being captured. This helps to place them in the scene and tell a bit more about the location and not just shoot smiling faces looking at the camera.

By Using Movement as a Layer

Incorporating movement in your image adds a layer and also tells a story. No matter if you freeze the movement or allow it to blur, the viewer is drawn towards the image. The movement tells the viewer what’s happening and what will follow. Join Photography classes to learn more about this from experts.

By Using Scenes as Layers

You can add different scenes into a photo to form a layer. You can show people in colourful outfits, drummers or a group of girls sitting on a table sipping on coffee. Enrol in a Photography college in Hyderabad and learn how to add layers using scenes to improve photography.

Using People as Layers

Composing layers with people is as great and useful as using inanimate objects. You just have to have the right combination of people for your story. You can capture a birthday girl in front of her cake waiting for her cat. You can capture the joy she shows holding her pet and the others smiling. 

Join Hamstech’s Photography course and get a chance to learn all about adding layers to your frames from Bollywood Photographer, Avinash Gowariker. Enrol now and start the journey towards your dream career with us!

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