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4 Ways to Have a Unique Ugadi!


The word ‘Yuga’ means ‘Era‘ and ‘Aadi’ means ‘the beginning’. Ugadi is one of the most extravagantly celebrated festivals across the majority of Southern India.

As Ugadi marks the beginning of spring, every household is seen indulging in the festive spirit. Men, women and children alike, prep themselves to celebrate this harmonious festival with joy and enthusiasm.

Mango and its leaves play a significant role during this commemoration of spring. Not only are they used for decoration, but also in the preparation of the traditional ‘Ugadi Pacchadi’. Chanting of mantras before sunrise and listening to classical music is a common traditional ritual followed by many South Indian families on this auspicious day.

But at Hamstech Institute, even the most ubiquitous of occasions can be turned into a one-of-a-kind affair! So, this Ugadi, break free from the regular norms of festivities by following these four tips:


Telugu New Year


From Mangoes to Dreamcatchers!

Ugadi is a time when mangoes and its leaves are used to the fullest. This year you can try doing something different using your interior designing skills. Other than the traditional decoration of hanging mango leaves along the doorway, why not hang a dreamcatcher?

For those of you who are not aware of a ‘dreamcatcher’, it is a circular hoop woven with colourful threads and feathers. It’s hung to bring in positive vibes and good dreams. So, instead of feathers, you can hang mango leaves or even club them together. Let them dangle on your any doorway or window and feel the positivity breeze through your home.

Don’t forget to include colours! Yes, colours play an instrumental role in turning the otherwise every-day look of your house into a resplendent spectrum of brightness! Use radiant colours to make rangoli patterns. You could also fill tiny jars with the same dry colours and place them outside. This will help you achieve a nouveau chic look!


2nd Image


Be a Fashionista:

Bring out all your beautiful Kanjeevarams, silk and brocade saris and half-saris. Women effortlessly look gorgeous in traditional attire but you could try something unique. Instead of a regular blouse, pair your sari with a corset or a jacket blouse.

Fashion Designing rests on the premise of combining themes, styles and orientations into a balanced fusion of designs.

The trick here is to give your look a contemporary touch without going overboard. Add any modern garment to your traditional ethnic wear and you will be the object of everyone’s attention!

But your apparel is incomplete without the right jewellery.


3rd Image


Ditch Gold for Nature!

It’s time to break the monotony of traditional jewellery. Swap your traditional gold jewellery with terracotta or polymer clay jewellery. Terracotta and polymer clay jewellery are in vogue. Be the trend setter and try a unique look of natural ornaments this Ugadi.

Considering the festive season, flowers play an important role in women’s accessories. At Hamstech’s jewellery designing classes, all the students are taught how to make perfectly sustainable jewellery out of flowers.

Though fresh flowers may not last long, dry flower jewellery is trending now. Finger rings, earrings, head bands, waist band, etc. can be adorned with dry flowers to give your apparel that extra singularity. You could also do a long braid and decorate it with a string of dry handmade flowers.

Now that you’re all dressed and so is your house, it’s time to whip out that DSLR and test your photography skills.


4th Image


Adopt Candid Photography!

Dump the formal style of clicking family or group photos that almost every festival album portrays and adopt a natural and candid style of photography. Hamstech’s photography classes always teach the students to rely on people, rather than technology, for the right pictures. This means capturing an emotion at an opportune time can translate into an unforgettable click!

Make sure you take your camera everywhere because you never know when you’ll get the ‘picture perfect moment’.

Photograph your friends and family members when they are doing something that may be mundane, but can be made magical.

Important Tip: Though it’s fun to play around with filters, sometimes they kill the original picture. Avoid using filters and go with your natural shot. For unadulterated and striking photos, make sure you use natural source of light.   

Create a collage of your friends and family doing different things, displaying different emotions and cherish this piece of memory for life!

So instead of just having a happy Ugadi, have a Unique Ugadi!

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