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4 Ways To Stay Stylish On A Budget

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A budget is subjective. What might be savings for one, can be expenditure for the other. Having a classic wardrobe that is comfortable, sophisticated and trendy is a task. Updating a wardrobe is essential for Fashion Styling. The wardrobe update should be on a budget and still have everything you may need.

Here are 4 ways to stay stylish on a budget.

Don’t Mix Patterns

Mixing patterns need great techniques and an understanding of colour theory, balance and composition. Doing it carelessly, can create a mess. Mixing patterns is a nice idea if you love being funky. Hamstech is amongst the best Fashion Styling Colleges in Hyderabad, where you can learn how to be a pro at styling.

Avoid Super High Heels

Heels and platforms that are unreasonably high, doesn’t look great. There are many other ways to increase your height. You can try wearing elongated necklaces and necklines to appear taller.

Work With Neutrals and Basics

When neutrals are paired together, they create a rich look, regardless of how much you’ve to spend on it. Neutrals are more than just white, tan, brown and black. Navy, gray and burgundy are also considered neutrals. Fashion Styling Schools in Hyderabad teach just how to pair these for a perfect look.


The best way to style a look is by accessorising it. Choose a good bag, matching shoes, a belt and you are good to go. If you love watches you can include them in your look too. Bracelets and bangles are another option. You can easily fit these accessories in your wardrobe.  

Join Hamstech today for the best Fashion Styling Classes and take your first step towards a successful Styling career.

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