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5 Colours that Can Make Your Home Look Bigger

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Are you troubled that your apartment or house looks smaller than you expected? Then it’s time to consider a few hacks for the solution.

There are several tricks that you learn in Interior Designing to make rooms look bigger. This also includes manipulation of colours.

Applying certain colours can give an impression of increased room space. Courses for Interior Designing teach you more on interesting colour applications and combinations.

The techniques used for refining and re-imaging interiors make up a significant portion of the curriculum of Interior Design courses. Wouldn’t you want to learn a few of them?

Let’s check out 5 colours that can create the illusion of a bigger interior.

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A white room looks relaxing and hence broader. The effect can be increased by adding contrasting, bold-coloured decors, placed randomly in a room.

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The cooler shades of blue, like ocean blue, can add to the visual depth. Thus, it fools the eyes to feel that the interior is wider.

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Warm grey colour often gives a sense of ease. It also creates an effect of openness, contributing to a feeling of a wider interior.

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A pale purple shade can add a fairytale ambiance to the room. It can be complemented by the right decors, creating the illusion of a bigger space.

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Though black seems very negative for interiors, with the right design, the void effect that it creates can make interiors look spacious.

You too can apply any of these colours in your interiors to make your home appear bigger. With Hamstech’s Interior Design Course, you can now learn more about these tricks and tips.

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