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5 Graphic Design Terms Simplified for Beginners

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When you just start learning graphic design, it can sometimes feel like learning a new language. Whether you are a graphic design student, or you are just a little curious about design, read this blog to know the 5 most common graphic design terms used by professional designers.


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Opacity is the feature that enables us to make an element design transparent. The opacity level describes the transparency level of an image. If there is 100% opacity for an image, it means that the image is solid.


In graphic design, kerning is the process of adjusting the space between two characters. Kerning aims to achieve a more proportional balancing of space between each character.


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RGB is a colour model in graphic design in which the basic colours of red, green, and blue are added together in multiple ways to reproduce a broad array of colours.


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Typography is an interesting subject in graphic designing course that deals with multiple fonts. It is a visual art form of arranging the written language making it readable, legible and appealing when displayed. Typography involves selecting typefaces, line lengths, adjusting the space between pairs of letters.

Orphans / Widows

In graphic designing, Widows and Orphans are lines of text that appear at the beginning or the end of a paragraph. These are usually left alone at the top or bottom of a line. There is no exact definition for these two terms, but as a rule of thumb:

  • Orphan: A short line or a single word that appears at the beginning or at the end of a paragraph in a column or a page is called an Orphan.
  • Widow: A line that appears at the beginning of the following page or column, separated from the rest of the text is called a widow. Sometimes, the line or a new paragraph that starts at the bottom of a page or a column is called a Widow.

That is not well! There are several other terms most commonly used in graphic designing. Even if you are not a designer, knowing these terminologies might be helpful.

Definitions for some terminologies keep changing based on the usage. If you wish to explore graphic designing terms, it is best to enrol in a graphic design course to gain practical knowledge and attend classes on regular basis. Hamstech could be your right choice since it is one of the top graphic design colleges in Hyderabad that trains students with experienced faculty and guest lectures. Join the course today and start your journey in graphic designing!

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