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5 Misconceptions of Photography Which Aren’t Definitely True

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So you have a DSLR camera? And you spend your weekend clicking profile pictures for your best friend’s social media accounts. Does that make you a photographer? The answer depends on whether you always wanted to be one. If you are from Hyderabad and fashion photography courses in Hyderabad, should you head with the same plan or let go off your plans? Before you head, learn few misconceptions, which may otherwise stammer your plans.


Is There Money in Photography?


But your relatives keep on forcing you to quit your passion and get a regular day job. Because they think there’s not much money to be earned in your profession. By the way, there’s as much money to be made in photography as any other profession. What should you do now? Attend professional photography classes in Hyderabad to live your dreams.


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Hello! Photography is a Fully Fledged Profession


A picture explains a thousand words without even putting pen on paper. No other art has as much impact on the society as photography does. Still there are a lot of people who believe photography to be a hobby and not a full-fledged profession. May their souls rest in peace and minds fill with wisdom. If they had been true, there won’t have been such a rise in the number of photography classes in Hyderabad.


Not Everyone is a Photographer


One of the other misconceptions prevailing in our society is that anyone can be a photographer. With the advent of high quality mobile cameras, it is true that even the ordinary population can click better pictures. However, that does not make them a professional. There’s more to photography than applying filters and transforming a picture using Photoshop. Applications can be used to make a picture appear attractive, but it cannot remove the latter’s flaws. Any person who has attended photography classes would have way more knowledge than the regular selfie enthusiast.


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Portfolio Building Can Be Tough


Portfolio building is probably the most challenging job a photographer comes across. The most common mistake they commit is including each and every photo they ever clicked into their portfolio. This can hurt your chances of landing a client. Not all fingers are the same. Similarly, when you combine some poor photos with a set of excellent ones, your portfolio starts looking average.

Hamstech’s photography classes in Madhapur, Hyderabad and photography classes in Kondapur, Hyderabad can help picture the perfect portfolio for you. Find the directions here

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