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5 Most Fashionable Ways to Wear a Crop Top

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If you are the one who is keen to follow the latest trends, then certainly you may know about the trending crop tops. While this fashionable piece of garment does not require any extra effort to make them look great, many fashion enthusiasts are often seen worrying about how to pair this up.  If you are one among them too, then here’s a guide to end your worries. Taking references for the expert curriculum of Hamstech Fashion designing courses, we have listed the 5 most fashionable tricks for donning the crop top. These tips have been preached by the experienced fashion specialists, who had been to the fashion courses in Hyderabad. If followed correctly, you shall be able to turn eyeballs in no time, without even needing to opt for a fashion design career course in Hyderabad. So, keep reading.


Choosing the right length


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Firstly, you need to decide how much skin you would be comfortable showing. Do you prefer a fully covered top, with not even a slice of your body been exposed? Or, are you willing to show off your midsection? Once decided, it’s time for you to plan accordingly.


Layered clothing


More often than not, you would come across several crop tops that you might fall in love with. However, wearing it outdoors might seem to be an embarrassing task for you, given its maximum skin exposure. In such a case, you shall opt for external layers. Wear a button-down jacket and reveal as little skin, as per your comfort. Again, wearing layered clothing means, depending upon the mood of the different times of the day, you can easily get rid of the jacket. To know more about how layered clothing can save your day, you might wish to study fashion designing in Hyderabad. When it comes to fashion designing, Hyderabad has been producing more professionals than any other area of the country.


Wearing skirts


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You might like the checkered print better on a crop top than on any other outfit. If this is your choice, then make yourself look best by pairing this crop top with a midi-skirt. This unlocks a uniquely feminine look. Or you might also apply the same to a pair of low-slung pants, which is in fact currently in trend. People are adoring the hip-hop vibes that these pants exude.


Pair-off with shorts


Crop tops have eventually become a versatile option that you can wear every day, irrespective of the place you want to be. Wear a pair of high-waisted short pants with your crop top, to add some flirt to your dress.


Beat the chill


The weather’s chilling, but you can’t help wearing crop tops? You can look out for full sleeved sweatshirt crop tops. Combine it with a pair of tight fit jeans and you are ready to go.

Have some more unique ways of wearing a crop top? Then, you have a great designer’s mind! Why not take up Hamstech’s Fashion Designing course in Hyderabad and certify yourself as a Fashion Designer under the mentorship of Neeta Lulla. Know more about course details from the support faculty of Hamstech.

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