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5 Must-learn Terms From A Graphic Designer’s Vocabulary

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Professional Graphic Designing needs you to have knowledge in digital and print technologies and the concepts that rule the subject.

It’s equally important to know the history of image creation and digital graphics which you can learn in Graphic Design classes.

When you learn Graphic Design and its concepts and theories, you will come across many terms, each defining a detail. Here are a few of them.


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A palette is a set of colour you choose to use in your design. These group of colours are derived from a colour wheel. You can choose these colours on the basis of the theme of your design. A palette has almost all shades that you might need for your business. You can create your own customised palette.


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It’s the display of gradual transition from one colour to another on a surface in linear or radial form. The gradient can create a distinct visual effect in your design. You can use a gradient for the background or to fill a region.


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It’s the degree of transparency of an object. Lesser opacity makes an object more transparent.


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It’s all about artistically arranging the text in a readable way with visual appeal. You can choose your own typography design based on your audience’s preferences. It helps the readers to quickly scan a document while reading it.


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It’s the framework created by evenly divided, intersecting columns and rows that helps neat arrangement of image elements.

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