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5 Must-read Books on Fashion for Learners

As a fashion designing student, reading books on fashion that help you understand the history, trends, techniques, ideologies and experiences of people from the industry is essential.

And if you have enrolled into one of the fashion designing institutes, it’s important to read of authors imparting information and inspiration on fashion. There are many valuable books on fashion which will help you develop a unique taste.

Is yours one of those colleges for fashion design that provide a rich library with such books? If yes, that’s where you’ll truly fathom the depth and vastness of fashion. Such understanding will help you appreciate what you learn in fashion designing better.

But for a start, here’s a list of books on fashion you may appreciate:


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Fashion (Oxford History of Art) By Christopher Breward

This book covers 150 years of fashion. It’s rich with inputs from designers like Dior, Armani and Miyake. The author explores a lot, from haute couture, high street, and developing fabric technology to fashion havens like Coco Chanel and Giorgio Armani.

He also talks about fashion as a business and its connection with films. He discusses how dress can create identity and status. The book includes further reading suggestions, a timeline of fashion milestones, and a list of relevant museums and galleries.


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Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion By Elizabeth L. Cline

The book uncovers the truth behind the cheap-fashion juggernaut, tracing the rise of budget-clothing chains. It discusses the death of middle-market and independent retailers, and the roots of obsession with deals and steals. Narrating her visits to China and Bangladesh, Elizabeth elaborates on how cheap-fashion harms charity thrift shops and textile recyclers where masses of cloth­ing castoffs accumulate.

She shows how consumers can break the buy-and-toss cycle by supporting innovative and stylish sustainable designers and retailers. She speaks for refash­ioning clothes, mending and even making clothes oneself.

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Dior By Dior: The Autobiography Of Christian Dior By Christian Dior

The book is a fascinating autobiography of the world-renowned French fashion designer, Christian Dior, the founder of the fashion house “Christian Dior”.

The book has his history: his childhood, his tough times and the tremendous success afterwards. It’s also an exploration of Dior’s sources of inspiration and creative.

The Little Dictionary of Fashion By Christian Dior

Another one by Christian Dior, this book is a compilation of essential knowledge for fashionable women in the form of a dictionary. It has delightfully illustrated pages and is full of timeless tips for women on how to dress up. The author educates girls on the three fundamentals of fashion: simplicity, grooming, and good taste. It can prove to be a perfect gift for style-conscious women.


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Men and Style: Essays, Interviews, and Considerations by David Coggins

This book offers essential source of inspiration to men who express through their clothes, manners and lifestyle. David gives a comprehensive, learned outlook into even the small details of men’s fashion. He discusses corporate wear, regular dressing, occasion wear and addresses men’s typical fashion concerns.

A fashion design diploma can be made an enriched experience by reading such famous and relevant books that make a great difference in your comprehension of fashion.

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