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5 Quick Tips To Take Better Photos

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If you have recently bought a new camera and looking to learn some photography techniques, or if you have been shooting for a while and want to master some photography skills, then this blog is for you. Here are 4 quick tips to take better photos with minimal camera requirements.


Play with reflections: Our eyes are drawn to reflections when we see the sky reflected in a body or water. It feels heavenly to see when we see beautiful reflections in the photos we capture. There are plenty of ways to play with reflections – mirrors, sunglasses, metallic surfaces and drinking glasses are just a few. Look around for opportunities to play with reflections in photos.


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Focus on Details: Whether you are in a house or in a studio or at any place, observe and notice when and where the light is most beautiful. If you want to take photographs in a street, look around for minute details like, a person’s hands, a piece of clothing, an expression, or even a single object that is framed very close. Perfect photos are often portrayed through the simplest scenes.


Move around a lot: New angels, better than before pictures are possible when the photographer tries different variations in a single location. Hopping around, moving high, going back, getting low, etc.


Try different perspectives: The sauce to take memorable pictures is to capture them from an unique and unexpected angle. Trying different perspectives from the lens makes the image stand out, since most photos are taken either straight or from top view.


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Keep it simple: Do not try to keep too many elements into a single image; it might just end up looking all messy. By keeping it simple, the viewers won’t be confused at where they should be looking or what they should be focusing at.

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