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5 Smart Ideas For Small Spaces

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Small spaces are a major issue in our country. The growing population is resulting in the lack of area. Hence, Interior Designing, these days, are focusing on making small spaces look spacious and beautiful too. These should be comfortable, affordable and modern.

Here are five smart ideas which are taught during any Interior Designing Course and can be very useful.

Multipurpose Space

Your can make your home, office or guest bedroom multipurpose. You can use the walls of a room to your advantage. A simple desk unit can be added with a collection of shelves for the necessary storage.

Curtain Divider

A simple sheer curtain is a great way to divide two spaces. You can add a silk curtain and divide a hall into a dining area and a living room. It would look traditional and is also helpful. Join Interior Design Weekend Classes to learn how to use small spaces rightly.

Beneath The Stairs

Any space can be enhanced with additional storage solutions, because in India there is never enough storage. Add additional shelves just below the staircase to take advantage of the awkward, extra space. You can store books and make this space into your personalised library.  

Keep It Light

To make your space appear larger, avoid using dark shades. You can choose a coloured wall with white furniture and build it in units.

Add a Mirror

One of the best tricks to add in the design world is to add a full body mirror to expand a space. It adds dimension to the space and makes a small bedroom appear much larger.

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