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5 Steps to Create the Perfect Logo

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A logo is the mark of an enterprise. The brand expresses its essence and meaning through it. It enchants and inspires the viewers. It becomes synonymous with brand power.

With so much to deal with, logo designing is bound to be a tough job! True, but it has the brilliant creative side that should be the launchpad of its appeal and arresting imagery. All this is explored and learnt in graphic design courses.

But it doesn’t go out of place for you, a simple enthusiast, to understand what goes into making a perfect logo. A logo is made in many ways, using different ideas. The logo could be made out of typography, image, symbols, text and many more including the combination of these styles. In graphic design institutes, the young minds train themselves in the art of designing the most important expression of brand identity.

So, what would you need to create a logo? Inspiration and sense of purpose of the brand comes on top of the list. Communicating the very motto and nature of service or product with the logo is the aim. At an institute of graphic designing, the students learn hand drawing and creating images using software. But mind you, the logo is born on paper. It’s the sketched idea of a logo that progresses into a refined form using graphic design software.

To bring a clarity to learning the process of developing a logo, we need to look at the steps involved in the whole exercise. These steps are followed properly to bring out a very thoughtfully and systematically created logo.

Check out 5 steps of creating a perfect logo here.


Design Brief

Understand the goals, motto and product/service of the brand, define the audience, consider the client’s specific requirements and start designing.


Explore the suitability of logo varieties for the brand, prioritize the features the logo brings out regarding the brand and consider aesthetics.

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Ideate & Create

Ideate the logo and sketch out a few well-thought-out options and make a neat presentation of those to be shown to the client.


Get the feedback of a chosen or random audience and from the client. Review the designs, choose the best and refine where needed.


After the few reviews and refinements, make a final presentation, intended to finalise the logo design. Show how the logo appears on different media viz. Print, website, etc.

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