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5 Steps to Get You Ready for your Interior Design Classes

During the formative years of my teenage, when all my cousins were aspiring to become doctors, engineers and financial managers, I sketched my walls with flowers in pinks and reds. Colors, designs, patterns and illustrations would always attract me more than numbers, formulas and equations!

May be my intuitive sense of style and my knack for being able to adapt and create designs had much to do with this inclination towards designing.

Being an amateur and uncertified meant that before I lay the stepping stones towards a satisfying career, I need to zero in on what exactly I wished to do with my designing skills. Interior Design seemed to fit the bill!

I was always drawn to decorating spaces, studying dimensions and how they could be used to create thematic elements. Thus began my research for the right institute in Hyderabad. When I chanced upon Hamstech Institute of Interior Design, I found a curriculum that appealed to all my interests.

All set to start my course, it dawned on me that I new very little to nothing about how to prep up for this brilliant journey of learning that awaited me. So I did what most people today would do: scouting the internet for info!

Here’s a peek into the 5 points I jotted down through my research. I’m sure they can help you start your school on the right foot.

Interior disigner

  1. Think like a designer:

Be the interior designer you want to be. Because when you do, you ideate and execute your designs differently. Walking into a room and knowing what can be done just at a glance, is what makes designers special.

Asking questions to yourself, absorbing the atmosphere and visually measuring the spaces are few of the many things that could help you start right! This awareness will make your ideas both unique and individualistic.


  1. Read Up:

Reading, viewing and learning about different interior designing styles will help you approach your projects in a specific manner.

It will broaden your perspective as to how you can use different materials and styles. Mix and match or even come up with something exclusive. To add a personal touch, use your life experiences to inspire various styles.

diploma in interior designing hyderabad

  1. Brush-up on the Basics of Computer-aided design (CAD):

CAD is one of the most important and standard tools in the interior designing industry. It helps you draw, render and model objects and environments for better design creation. Play with your ideas on CAD to test and visualise your ideas coming alive.

interior designing schools in hyderabad

  1. Keep an Open Mind:

Your idea of interior designing might be slightly or totally different from the interior design school that you have enrolled in. So it’s better to keep your mind open when joining. This will not only help you strengthen your forte, but also expose you to new and different learning methods.

interior designers in hyderabad banjara hills

  1. Down the Line:

It is important for you to have a long-term plan for your potential future. Make sure that you know where your career prospects lie and in what capacity would you like to work within the industry of Interior Design. Once you’re done with your certification, there’ll be tons of choices to be made and challenges to be met!


Now that I’ve shared these 5 simple steps with you to get you started on your course, I would like to further this motivation by quoting Donna Richter, who once said, “Great designs starts with an idea”.

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