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5 Steps Used by Graphic Designers to Make a Movie Poster

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Movie posters have always been one of the crowd-pullers, tempting people to watch a movie. In the current form of making movie posters, Graphic Designing is doing a great job at the hands of skilled and creative designers.

As a layman, you must already know what a movie poster needs to have, don’t you? There is the hero, heroine, movie name and other characters along with some background or a scene from the movie. How obvious right? Get some Graphic Design training and you will know that a lot more than you thought goes into making the poster superb!

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Think about bringing the gist and mood of the movie into the poster using the full range of ideation that you can possibly depict. Many elements help in making the poster meaningful, appealing and informative. You need to learn Graphic Design to master the right way to achieve all these 3 qualities we just mentioned in one creative.

Be it Indian or international movies, there are certain common steps that graphic designers use to create impactful posters. Graphic Design courses help you get accustomed to these steps and master the art.

Don’t you want to learn these steps? Here we go!

Identify the Idea or Theme of the Movie

The audience needs to know the broadest idea of the movie in one glance. So it becomes necessary to identify the basic premise of the movie. Then, we need to start to formulate the essential characteristics of the poster like colour and imagery.

If it’s a typical actor’s movie, the actor’s image gets prominence in the poster. If the theme is more important, the depiction needs planning for how the mood has to be created effectively. Besides, the genre of the movie decides a lot of what goes into the poster presentation.

Bring in Creative Elements

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Once you know what the movie is about and what is highlighted in the marketing effort, the next step is to list out what design elements need to be applied. The colours are decided, the images are collected, the title and text are collated and their presentation styles decided. Applying psychology, you will then decide how to instill the desired emotion in the audience.

Prep the Software

Not all posters are made on Photoshop. Nor is it necessary that a single software be used to create the design. It depends on many factors as to how much vector and raster graphics are involved and the style of presentation.

Let the Poster Talk More than the Obvious

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Now comes the part where you design the poster. Here, you bring together all the elements in the right measure on the canvas to communicate effectively what the movie is about and what and who you can expect to see in it. Subtlety, imagery, metaphors and caricatures can all contribute well into making the poster effective.

Nail the Typography

You cannot dare overlook the importance of typography in a poster. So you need to decide the font for the movie title, tagline and additional information. The hierarchy of prominence of these text elements is evident. After all, you wouldn’t want to keep wondering, “Which of these is the movie title?” Right?

Now, you can imbibe these important steps and start trying to make good posters. You can also join Graphic Design courses to perfect these steps. We recommend that very much!

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