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5 Things You Get to Learn in Your Jewellery Designing Course

jewellery designing industry in hyderabad

Jewellery designing, manufacturing and trading have been an integral part of the human survival for thousands of years. India is world renowned for its jewellery and designing since ancient times.

Jewellery designing is a creative art that requires combining knowledge of conceptualising jewellery design and trading various jewellery products. There are many institutes that offer long-term, short-term and online programs in jewellery designing course.


jewellery making classes in hyderabad

Some leading fashion institutes in India like Hamstech are providing certification course in jewellery designing. If you want to do any of these courses in jewellery designing, having knowledge in creative arts would be an added advantage.

This blog will help you understand what you will be learning in your jewellery designing course. 

Basics of Jewellery Design

 Every jewellery designing course starts with explaining the basic part where you will learn various processes involved in designing jewellery, common design patterns and much more.


After learning the basics in jewellery designing, you will be taught about the metals used in designing and manufacturing of jewellery. This is where the training gets a bit technical since it comprises of all forms, temperatures and shapes. Since jewellery designing is not about gold and silver, the training involves the topics related to other gemstones as well.

 Jewellery Techniques

jewellery designing institutes in india

This is an important aspect of jewellery design training. When you are learning Jewellery Techniques, you will be taught about various metal and goldsmith techniques around the country. However, the training strategy depends on the institute that you have enrolled for training.


Production mainly focuses on jewellery manufacturers and import & export houses. Specifically, they will cover aspects like production strategies, scales of production, storage, etc.



jewellery designing training in india

The entire training will be incomplete without teaching the art of creating an amazing portfolio. If you build a good portfolio based on what exactly sells, then you can be the master in the game. Because developing a knack for the market is very important.

If you are searching for a quality jewellery designing course hyderabad to join, then your wait is over because Hamstech is offering Jewellery Designing Course with all the elements listed above. Hamstech is one of the best institutes offering a Jewellery Designing Course that is in sync with the industry.

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