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5 Tips for making the Best Photography Portfolio

What are your thoughts when you walk into a friend’s place and see a beautifully framed photograph? Your obvious thoughts are, “Oh what a lovely photograph it is!” or “The photographer must be very talented!”

Had you known the secret behind that picture, you sure would have been amazed. There’s always a technique used by professional photographers which helps them capture memories in the most astounding manner.

If you have the interest to learn photography, then perhaps a photography course is the best way to get started. When pursuing a photography course, a lot of emphasis is given on developing a good portfolio. The reason being, a good portfolio not only reflects your work as an artist but also exhibits your creativity, collectively.

Here are 5 tips for making the best Photography Portfolio


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Listen to your teachers

Right from the day you step into a classroom, your teachers take up the responsibility of grooming you. Teachers are the true professional guides and gurus of any educational institute. It is the years of experience that makes them experts in their field.

So, if you are a part of a photography class, you need to pay keen attention to what is taught by the teacher. Teachers are the ones who can easily gauge your strength and encourage where you need improvement. A constructive feedback will help you improve your learning ability and develop a good portfolio.


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Have a storyline ready

Over a period of time, you would have clicked many pictures and worked on assignments too. As a budding photographer, you may have a huge collection of pictures based on different themes and characters.

It is only in a photography training institute that you’ll be able to learn how to create an interesting storyline using your photos.

Here’s a gist of how you can do it:

To start with, think of a theme and sort pictures that go well with it. Once you’re done sorting, create a storyline around each picture and lay them uniformly in your portfolio.


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Be Social

A picture has the power to convey just about anything. Today, images are used to portray social messages which otherwise are either overlooked or ignored.

To create social awareness, you can use your photography skills. As a photographer, you need to be able to adapt to the changing environment. Take inspiration from your day-to-day life and capture the good and the not-so-good moments.

This will give a weightage to your portfolio and let your pictures create an impact and make it ‘worth a thousand words’.


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Showcase your techniques- Light Painting

Photography is all about using the right technique to get the desired effect. This is where a professional education in photography comes. A photography class gives you the right exposure to learn and experiment with new techniques. This is where you can sharpen your basic technical skills.

Light painting is one such popular topic taught in a photography class. It is the technique of moving light (long exposure) to highlight the subject. The effect is amazing. So, just like this you can add many interesting photographs to your portfolio.


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No Cheat Policy

The rule of the thumb in any creative profession is to be unique. You need to create a distinct style and standout from the rest. Let your work speak for itself! Create a portfolio that can appeal your audience and evoke a “Wow!” reaction.

Hard work and patience surely pays! All you have to do is believe in your work and the rest will follow.

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