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5 Tips on How to Choose a Camera for Fashion Photography

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There is so much to explore in photography. Out of the many genres in photography, fashion photography is quite renowned.

Fashion photography has many elements to it such as camera, composition, colour scheme, etc. All these elements cohesively play a crucial role in bringing out the best picture. However, out of all these elements, a right camera is the key tool.

Today, fashion photography has become the choicest career option for creative students. Among many photography training institutes, Hamstech, a top institute in Hyderabad for creative education offers the most updated courses in fashion photography.

So if you want to learn more about this genre, here are 5 tips on how to choose a camera for fashion photography:

1 Choosing the Right DSLR Camera


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Your first investment should be on a camera. Before you go ahead with anything else, you need to set a budget to purchase a good camera. When choosing a camera, you need to understand its usability. All digital cameras are not the same; each one has a different functionality and adaptability. Hence, before you purchase any camera, ensure you read all about it or ask a professional.

2 The Decision of Cropped Sensor & Full Frame


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In fashion photography getting a clear perspective is important. When it comes to cropped sensor cameras, the size of the frame is reduced, hence showing a low quality image. Therefore, to support this, you have an option to use multiple lens to help you achieve the desired result. Such cameras are apt for an amateur photographer as they are less expensive, but give you a good result.

Full frame cameras are a toy for the experts. The clarity and sharpness in such cameras ensure your output is of the best quality. This would be an ideal choice for fashion photography.

If you are just starting your career in this field, stick around with a basic camera, but as you progress, ensure to have a gadget that is perfect.

In photography classes, a complete subject on the anatomy of cameras is taught. Here the students are able to gain in-depth knowledge on the technicalities and usage of various type of cameras.

3 Choice of Lens


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Camera lens plays a prime role in photography. Once you’ve decided on your camera, you need to focus on the right lens. In most fashion photography shoots, a 50 mm lens is exclusively used. You can also opt to use a 135 mm f2 lens as this is lighter and less expensive.

4 Zoom range


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When it comes to zoom range, you need to create a convenient space between you and the subject. The 70-200mm f/2.8L zoom lens is a good suggestion to capture distant objects. The range between 70 and 200 mm seems feasible as it creates the ideal distance with a subtle background.

Selecting the zoom lens again depends on personal choice and of course the amount you are ready to invest.

In a photography school, you’ll get many opportunities to explore and learn about the different zoom range.

5 Megapixels


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Digital images, as we all know, are made up of pixels. Each of these tiny tile-like elements make our picture appear sharp or blurry. Megapixels have a wide range, therefore higher the number better the results.

A camera with Pentax 645z with 51.4 megapixels is quite efficient to capture specific details like expressions, textures, light, etc. So this makes it quite ideal for fashion photography.

So these were some tips to help you understand and acknowledge the importance of investing in the right camera. If fashion photography is your calling, choose institutes like Hamstech, which is an affiliated institute with celebrity mentors on their advisory board.

Now all you need to do is explore your opportunities in photography classes and create a unique platform for yourself.

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