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5 Tips on How to Excel at Furniture Designing

When you learn how to design interiors, you may come across the topic of furniture designing. It’s a genre one can specialize in; and in the large picture of setting up a home or office, its role and relevance is quite high.

Furniture designing is the art of designing and making furniture that are functional and yet has an aesthetic grooming, or exudes an amusingly unconventional look. It’s an important module taught in any interior design course.

The best thing about furniture designing is that when done right and interestingly, it can give birth to a masterpiece, a unique work of art and ingenuity. The outcome will prove to be something beyond an average expectation. To do an impressive work in courses for interior designing, and specifically in furniture designing, you could adopt these 5 tips we’re glad to share with you.

Do one or two regular features innovatively


image 1-interior


To make interesting furniture, a good way to go is to recognize a regular, taken-for-granted feature and do it differently to make an impressive and innovative piece. The advantage is that, the person using it will get a very familiar feel of the furniture but yet will feel intrigued and interested about the twist. An example could be a common chair with an extra leg attached behind that helps one to recline the chair backwards and get into a relaxing mode with an extra leg, providing support.

Consider crafting with combinations

The practice of making furniture entirely with the usage one single material viz. wood or metal is common. But venturing to make a piece of furniture combining more than one material can open up immense opportunity for innovative designs. A wooden table with a glass top is a simple, and commonly sighted example.

image 2- interior

Try an idea on cheaper models

An idea can first be on paper and can then be executed for real; it helps the designer keep every details in mind. New ideas are always best to be tested with a low-costing material like cheap wood or cardboard. Trials are a part of every creative craft that may leave out certain elements on the paper; but it’s better to be wisely done on cheaper alternatives, in order to avoid wastage.

Bring asymmetry into play

Asymmetry is fascinating and can create a unique visual impact that may even be taken as art! Here, the most important concern for a designer is to maintain the rules of balance, visual appeal and utility. However, one need to know that it is not necessary that every next design will look great with asymmetry. But when it works, it surely creates a unique piece of furniture.

image 3. -interior

Curves, angles and design

In terms of custom design, curvy structures have increasingly won the liking of people through the years. Curves done with good sense, in combination with angles can create beautifully crafted pieces of furniture that interests and hold attention of people.

The art of designing furniture can thus be a graceful attempt at combining art and utility. Interior designing courses can get richer for you with your own experiments in that creative direction.

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