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5 Tips to Get the Perfect Summer Click

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While most people curse summer for the scorching heat, for photographers it is an ideal time to capture amazing frames amidst the nature. Most of the photography courses in India, teach the student techniques for a summer click.

If you love clicking pictures and want to be a part of this glamorous industry, a professional photography school is what you need. Here, you get to learn from the basics and can actually enhance your skills.

Here are some of the very interesting tips that you will need in summer:

  • Natural Shade: what do you do if you have to shoot in a summer afternoon and your subject faces harsh light and shadow? Shift your subject to an open shade and click flattering images.
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  • Environmental reflector: sometimes you don’t have a person at the location to hold reflectors. Look for objects like a white wall that can become your natural reflector!
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  • What you see might mislead you: the location might seem to be bland and boring. You never know how a broken building or a cloudy weather might actually add an effect to your frame.
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  • Use the backlight: natural light changes as per its mood. When you get backlight, use it to your advantage. Light through your subject’s clothes and hair might create wonders.
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  • The magic hour: an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset is the magic hour. Pictures clicked at these hours often turn out to be rare and amazing.
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Planning for a career in Photography? Join the photography courses in Hyderabad with Hamstech, learn from the industry experts and enhance your skills.

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