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5 Trending Coin Jewellery Designs

Coin jewellery design

It would be utterly impossible to lose sight of a fine piece of jewellery, especially when made with coins! Talking about inspiration, even a coin has the potential to sync perfectly into stunning jewellery.

Of late, coin jewellery has come into being a common trend. The use of coins within this jewellery establishes the the fact that the primary role of money is not just sustenance but also style.

If you have a fascination to learn more about coin jewellery, you could enroll into a Jewellery design course. A course in jewellery making not only teaches the intricacies of this art but also expands your horizons in terms of technicalities.

Dating back to history, coin jewellery was donned by both men and women. This jewellery had silhouettes of their emperors, embossed or engraved on them. Today, similar coin jewellery is back in trend and has become a fast-growing rage.

It has not only found a paramount place in every woman’s jewellery collection, but has also adorned their ensembles.  Yes, coins are widely used for ornamentation on fabric!

Here’s how you can get started and make 5 jewellery pieces by using coins:


The Boho Style:


jewellery design


The Bohemian style is always in trend. This season, you can take it to another level by adding the uniqueness of coins.

All you have to do is dig out an old neckpiece and glue on a few coins (preferably the same denomination) along with colourful feathers. Give it a vibrant look by adding few buttons and other knick-knacks. This is one of the simplest DIY’s that anyone can make.

In most jewellery making classes, students are taught extensively on how to recycle existing jewellery to craft fresh pieces.

Coin Finger Ring:


jewellery designing courses in india


If you have a collection of old coins, use them creatively. Take a wire and wrap it around your finger to measure the width. Once you’re done, wrap a ribbon for a neat finish. Next drill tiny holes in each coin and string them together (like a bunch). Your ring is ready!

If you want to sidestep the drilling, then the best alternative would be to use an adhesive and stick a Rs.5.00 coin on top of it. This will create a chunky look without the inconvenience of using heavy tools.

Flashy or Bold Coin Jhumkas:


jewelry design school


Why not give a flashy or bold touch to your ordinary jhumkas. Here’s something easy and quick that you can try out. Drill a tiny hole in a coin and loop it to your existing jhumkas. Make it blingy by combining different denominations so that the metallic colours vary between gold, brass and silver.

You can learn the art of drilling, soldering and processes involves, by enrolling in one of the Jewellery design institutes in Hyderabad.

Dangle a Coin Bangle:


jewelry design education


Haven’t heard or seen coin bangles? Here’s one for you. Cut broad strips of fabric (use any fabric of vibrant colours) and stick coins on each strip. Now, wrap this embellished strip around a plain bangle to jazz up its look. And you’re all done! Your fancy bangle is ready!

Coin waist chains/Kamarbandhs:


jewellery design course


This kind of jewellery is very popular amongst the traditional jewellery lovers. The Kamarbandh has been in our culture since the ancestral times and still continues to be worn by women in India.

For a waist chain, all you have to do is, take a strip of flexible waist band and stick coins of different sizes and denominations on it. Fill the entire band with coins or leave gaps for an asymmetrical look. Sport this waistband on a pair of dhoti pants, a lehanga, a long skirt, saree or as a belt on a jumpsuit.

Who knew that coins which are colloquially used as a means of purchasing thing, can add creativity and uniqueness to your collection of accessories!

To explore such versatility of every-day things, enrol in a Jewellery design course which will introduce you to an extensive variety of methods, tools and styles of creating jewellery.

Why not open that coin pouch and start crafting your own pieces?

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