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6 Best Thematic Interior Designing Ideas around the World

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Have you ever walked into a place whose theme is that of a golf course? And how about an office with the theme of a library?

You must have seen and explored such places, I am sure! Your motivation could be food, ambience or just the curiosity to see their décor because you heard some fantastic reviews from your family or friends.

Regardless of where and what the place is about, it has one thing in common. It’s about how you feel in that place.  Thematic interior design has the ability of transporting you to a different time, place and atmosphere.

Envision yourself in some coffee shop that is small and inviting, and which smells of coffee and tastes like chocolate! What goes into making such beautiful decorated places?

It’s the constant design, practice, application and creation. It might sound like ah! That’s way too easy!

But hey! It’s anything but simple. Interior designing and decoration keeps you on your toes. It requires you to have a zillion ideas juggling in your head, all at one go!

Even the crème of interior designing course certified individuals are clouded with questions with respect to the concept which defines a space. They need to balance form with functionality and often find themselves caught in the dilemma of whether the decorative designs clash with the working of the daily chores.

Since we are talking about the effort that goes into creating interior design themes and concepts, let’s look at 6 best thematic interior décor ideas from around the globe that have grabbed the world’s attention:


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  1. James Bond Theme: The Seven Hotel is Paris tops the list with its Secret Agent suite featuring James Bond. Designed by Agence Bastie, the suite has an exceptional decor in a mythical atmosphere, a blend of vintage chic and futuristic design. It is oozing with elegance and is a hard-to-forget concept.


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  1. Chennai City inspired Wall Painting: Chennai based Frontdesk Technologies decided on an informal set up for their office. They chose an artwork inspired from Chennai city and it depiction of a larger-than-life presence of the legendary actor, Rajnikanth. The artwork also displays images of how people share auto’s, city’s water shortage, perspirations and rainfalls. This lends a unqiue aura to a corporate canteen.


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  1. Star Trek Inspired Home Theater: Philadelphia based home owner Gary Reighn took up a DIY interior designing project to turn his home theater into the set of the renowned movie, Star trek. The entire design and concept, which took two years to finish, looks and feels like that of the Starship Enterprise.


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  1. Ciclo Café, Hyderabad: The design concept of Ciclo Café is that of bicycles. The aim of the brand was to get cyclists and foodies, all under one roof. The café is for people who love cycling and for those who prefer relaxed and friendly environment. The owner who is a former participant of the Tour de France circuit of cycling, envisioned this space as an amalgamation of his love for cycling as well as food. The brand used this concept to being a note of nostalgia back into their lives and relive their childhood.


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  1. Difficult Rock Hotel, Palm Springs: This California-based hotel boasts of interiors which are inspired by the rich history of rock music and carries a hint of Las Vegas’ evening life. The ambience of the hotel features massive sculptural crafted from the speakers along with some memorabilia of legends like Elvis, Sonny Bono, Gaga and Keith Richards.


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  1. Bricks Family Restaurant, California: This is a haven for kids who are hung up on Lego more than they are on chocolate! A part of the LEGOLAND hotel and resorts chain, this eatery offers all the colours and goodness of a Lego set while accompanying it with some scrumptious food on their menu.


Interior designing is all about capturing the and the essence of the space. It is the business of trust and luxury in detail. So look closely at the world around and you might just find the inspiration for your next project!

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