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6 Things you need to know about being a Jewellery Designer

Jewelry Designing Course

Have you ever thought that your idea of entwining few colourful strings could give you a dazzling bracelet that you could don on one of your chic dresses?

Or have you twisted some useless metal wires, coloured them to your choice, and added some accessories to make rings?

If you have tried these funny tricks and just laughed it off, listen up!

You can just as easily turn this hobby/passion into a full-fledged career with the right Jewellery Designing Course.

So, why not give it a shot! May be your ideas could take you to heights. You could top and reign the market with your exclusive jewellery pieces. Here are 6 cool tips to get you started:

  1. Jewellery Designing Course is your First Step

jewellery making course in hyderabad

If you have decided on making it a full time career, you surely have to certify by enrolling in different courses. Look for courses that match your passion for creation. There are many jewellery design institutes like Hamstech that could help you shape your careers.


  1. The Right Jewellery Design Institute and Enrollment Fee

jewellery design institute in hyderabad

Understand the time period you can invest for learning and watch your budget. Education of any kind is expensive!


  1. Learn with Practice

jewellery designer


In your free time try playing around with your tools and see if you can come up with something exclusive. Understand and learn about the types of jewellery and what goes into making them.





  1. Less Studying More Designing

jewellery designing

Now that your course is complete, you know what you are good at! Experiment with different forms of jewellery time and again, flaunt it, and watch people ask you “Hey I like your neck piece! Where did you get it from?”



jewellery design




  1. Confident about your skills? It’s now time to conquer the market!

Choose the nature of your profession. Do you want to be rooted or fly like a free bird? Freelance, intern or work under someone experienced for you to understand different aspects of the industry. This may help you decide what you would like to specialise in.





  1. Choose your Style, Choose your Space!

jewelry designingThis is when you give yourself a chance to decide which retail space is best for you. When I say retail space, I want you to understand how flexible and how comfortable you are. Whether you’re working alone or with/under someone, the kind of space you choose factors in greatly. For instance, jewellery showroom, fashion jewellery boutique, or just out-of-home retail.


Jewellery is something personal to each individual, and when translated into a beautiful piece, it is magic. So be magical, be creative, be a Jewellery Designer!

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