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7 Tools Every Interior Designer Must Keep Handy

With the art of Interior Designing, the designers can set a world themed to comfort and inspire you at all places.

If you have the passion to design interiors, you must take up an Interior Design course to develop it.

Before you scroll through courses for Interior Designing, let’s check out what designers work with to set your world behind walls.

Colour Wheel

Having the colour wheel ready is essential during client discussions about interiors for reference for the best colour combinations for the particular interior.

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is essential while talking interiors which will involve room measurements to set the layout perfectly.

Swatches & Samples

Having a collection of swatches will help the designer to readily show the client the best options for accessories regarding designs, patterns and prints.


The client will need a designer’s past works to be convinced that the work is in the right hands. Hence, keeping a portfolio handy becomes essential.


To recommend trending designs, keeping an interior design magazine becomes necessary.

Paint Charts


Choosing paint colours for interiors becomes easy with a ready reference of paint and wallpaper charts.

To demonstrate a walk-through of the interiors, a software that gives a 3D view of an interior with features is needed.

Now you know how an Interior Designer works on his projects and what tools he/she uses. Does it encourage you already to become an interior designer?

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