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A Beginners Guide for Cake Baking in Pans & Tins

A Beginners Guide for Cake Baking in Pans & Tins

Baking is not just a process of making edible goods, it is a unique way to express your feelings. A person can bake when he’s sad and even to celebrate, when he is happy! It is considered to be a stress buster for many individuals. 

To become a baker you need to join a Baking course and learn the basics of this process. You will learn to make countless delicacies be it sweet or savoury. Through this you will know all the important techniques that will help you become an expert. 

Cake baking is an art and not everyone aces it on the first attempt. It takes practice to master this skill. There are many difficulties in cake baking but did you know the main reason for most of the cake fails is because people use wrong baking pans. Choosing the right pan for baking is a very important part of baking. The shape and size of the cake depend on the pan you use. 

There are different types of pans available in the market, depending on the shape, size, price and more. You can choose the right one yourself. Though it is a tricky and tough task to pick the right pan for your cake baking. But worry not, we have got your back and made a list of baking pans you can choose to start your baking experience.

Baking Pans Based on Shapes

There is a huge variety of pans available in almost every shape you need to start with, they come in different sizes too. 

Baking: Circular Cake Pan

Baking_ Circular Cake Pan

The most common cake shapes we see are circular and a pan in this shape is a must-have. These round tins are preferred all around the globe for making round cakes, these round tins or pans are mainly used because they help in distributing the heat evenly. This will help to cook the cake from all directions resulting in well-formed, cooked and evenly raised cakes. These tins are time efficient as they cook the cake evenly and fast. The advantage of these rounder ones is that they are easier to decorate. You can play around with various icing techniques(1). The other feature of the round baking tins is that they come in a range of heights so you can get multiple layer cakes for special occasions.

Baking: Square Baking Pan

Baking in a Square Pan

Square baking pans are mainly used for baking brownies. These tins are also a must-have in a baker’s pantry, they provide your cake with a sophisticated and classy look. They help you bake cakes with proper edges, these cakes can be difficult to decorate but looks good if it is done properly. All it takes is practice, you just have to keep practicing till you get the desired results. This is the best part of cake baking, you never lose. Whatever it is or however the cake turns out, you still feel good about it. These square pans give perfect shapes to your cakes, you can cut them into perfect pieces with different shapes and sizes.


Baking: Rectangular Pan

Baking in a Rectangular Pan

Just like the square tins rectangular tins also give perfect edges to the cakes, but the only difference between rectangular and a square one is the dimension.  But these rectangular pans are budget-friendly. So, if you are just starting with cakes you can go with this rather than other than the square pans. Then after you have practiced with these pans you can explore other shapes and sizes of pans. Baking courses will help you know how you can use these to make mouth-watering delicacies.

Baking: Bundt Pan

Baking_ Bundt Pan

These pans are mostly used to make cakes and desserts with holes in the centre. For example, doughnuts. These pans are mostly used to make your desserts look beautiful. They have a protruding center which makes a hole in the middle of your cake or dessert. There are many types of bundt pans available and depending upon the pan you choose your final product or the design and shape of your dessert may differ.

Baking: Loaf Tin

These days’ people like to explore more with cake baking. This brings us to the loaf tin. Just as the name suggests, a loaf tin allows you to bake cakes that resemble a bread loaf. If you want to bake a loaf of delicious banana bread or any other kind of bread, loaf tins are a must-have in the pantry. 

Baking: Muffin Tin 

Baking_ Muffin Tin

Muffins, one of the favorite treats for almost everyone. There is hardly anyone who does not like to make or eat this delicacy. A basic muffin tin has about six dents. These are the parts that keep the muffin batter in it for baking the muffin. There are many sizes of tins available in the market and you can choose one according to your requirement. You can choose tins with eight dents or sixteen dents, depending on the number of muffins you have to bake. 


Baking: Tart Tin

Baking_Tart Tin

Tarts and pies are famous treats served in any family or friends gathering. People love to eat and bake tarts. It looks mouth-watering after you decorate it with cream and toppings. Tart tins come in two variants, one with an attached base and the other with a removable one. But I would recommend you to go with the removable base tin. It is easy to clean and get the tart out after baking. 

You can learn more about these by joining baking classes at Hamstech. So why wait? Enrol now and start the journey towards a successful career through us!

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