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A Tribute to Mentors of Hamstech

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Hamstech Institute had its tryst with creative education in 1992. Since then, in 25 years, the institute heralded the scene of creative education in Hyderabad. It set a standard in industry-level training that is coveted by many.

Based in Hyderabad, Hamstech pioneered the advent of professional courses like Fashion Designing Degree. It opened the career path for the youth who wanted to pursue careers in creative domains. Hamstech also introduced certificate courses in Interior Designing and Photography.

Hamstech has maintained its position among the top fashion designing institutes in hyderabad for decades. Hamstech’s vision is to “Realise possibilities”, which hints at breaking the concept of pursuing stereotypical careers and having creative careers.

To realise its vision, Hamstech Institute devises a comprehensive curriculum for its courses. It offers well-recognised certifications by virtue of its affiliation with several national and international universities viz. JNAFAU. It has expert trainers, industry experts who deliver guest lectures and highly productive student activity.

Hamstech offers highly valuable industry-specific mentorship programmes. The students get to meet and gain guidance from celebrity professionals from respective industries.

It’s an honour to remember their contributions towards the growth of Hamstech’s students:


Mrs. Neeta Lulla – Chief Advisor of Fashion Designing


top fashion designing institutes in hyderabad


Anyone who knows the Indian fashion scene recognises Neeta Lulla. A proud association for Hamstech, this world-famous Indian fashion designer is the mentor for the institute’s Fashion Designing students. She’s also the Chief Advisor of Hamstech’s fashion designing department.

In her 30 years of illustrious career, she has ascended to the top line of Indian fashion designers by winning the National Award for Best Costume Designer 4 times and designing for some of the biggest film stars. In fact, she’s synonymous with fashion in Bollywood.

Her association with Hamstech started early as a mentor. Students benefitted from her valuable advice on the fashion industry and its career climate.


fashion designing in hyderabad


Over time, she has taken over a bigger role as the Chief Advisor of the Fashion Designing department. She played a major role in helping students and the Hamstech team to plan, organise and conduct its annual fashion event, the HLabel Exhibition.

She constantly motivates the students during her meets and is a major force behind the career orientation for the new generation of fashion designers. She has also given internship opportunities to select students who proved to be exceptional performers at Hamstech.


Mr. Avinash Gowarikar- Chief Advisor of Photography


photography training course


Mr. Avinash Gowarikar is a celebrity photographer who has proved his mettle and creativity in a number of areas. He’s an internationally acclaimed photographer for Bollywood, advertising industry, magazines, editorials and sports.

He clicks the who’s who of Bollywood viz. The Khans, the Kapoors, and a host of other celebrities. He works for Indian and foreign magazines and covers national and international events with finesse. His photographic art reflects a simplistic yet unmatched style.

Hamstech gave its photography students, the grand opportunity to have him as a mentor. Avinash holds a significant position on the Advisory Board. Avinash’s rich industry insight benefits Hamstech’s students in gaining invaluable knowledge and inspiration to focus right and work hard. Their interactions with him brings in loads of motivation which is essential for their photography training course.


photography institutes in India


At Hamstech’s interactive sessions, he does his best to inspire and motivate the youth to break out of the stereotypical career mindset. His guides students to perform well in Hamstech’s annual photography exhibition, “Pixel Perfect”. Hamstech foresees a leap in every photography student’s career, thanks to his presence.


Ms. Shabnam Gupta- Chief Advisor of Interior Designing


interior designing courses


Mrs. Shabnam Gupta is a globally recognized interior designer with over 14 years of experience. Her accolades and laurels from iGen, Forbes India and Elle speak of her unique instinct for interiors. She’s also the Chief Advisor for Hamstech’s students who are pursuing its Interior Designing Courses. She is reputed for creating outlandish homes and offices for celebrities.

Shabnam’s involvement, active encouragement and invaluable guidance helps Hamstech to organize career-oriented events like InteriYOUR Show. The students gain motivation from her to perform. She judges their performances in competitions at InteriYOUR. Students have open discussions with her where she enlightens them on the trends and opportunities in the interior designing industry.


diploma in interior designing course


Hamstech considers its association with such renowned and accomplished personalities a true privilege, both for itself and its students.

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