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Add a New Touch to Your Bed with These Interior Designing Hacks

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A headboard is a piece of furniture that is attached to the top of a bed. Initially, these were used in homes that were comparatively cooler. These headboards were usually made of wood and helped the residents stay warm in the chilling weather.

In recent times, this is used to protect your wall against scratches and makes the place look cosy. Along with its practical uses, this can also give your bedroom a personal touch. You can take Interior Design weekend classes to learn innovative techniques in your free time.

Here are some of the headboard ideas you’ll get to know during an Interior weekend training:

Woven Headboard

If you want to make your bedroom more cosy and personal, adding a woven headboard would do the trick. These are mostly created in bright hues and give your home a vintage look. Interior Design weekend classes in Hyderabad are a perfect choice if you want to start your career in this industry.

Paper Flower Headboard

Cascading paper flowers can be glued to a string and hung from a branch to give your room a unique and artistic look. Crafting paper flowers is an easy and fun process as you can arrange them in the way you want and add elegance to your bedroom. Enrol in a weekend course in Interior Design to enhance your skills and become a successful professional.

Tapestry Headboard

You have very little to do to make this creative headboard. You just need a rod over your bed and a tapestry rug or throw blanket to create this warm and cozy bohemian look. You can change the pattern with a new rug whenever you get bored of the old one.

Diamond Tufted Headboard

It is the one of the most common types of headboard. A little practice and patience is all you need to make this. With a little help from a friend and in less than a day, you’ll have changed the look of your bedroom.

With over 27 years of experience in creative education, Hamstech now helps you learn your favourite course with disturbing your regular schedule. Get enroled in our weekend course, learn under the guidance of one of India’s top 10 interior designers and celebrity mentor, Shabnam Gupta and start your journey towards a successful career.

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