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All that Glitters is Jewellery Design

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Affection for jewellery and the desire to innovate new designs in jewellery can take you way ahead in the charismatic field of jewellery designing. From a very traditional and closed art, jewellery designing has come out to be a greatly organized professional stream. As the trend of fashion jewellery has become the norm today, more and more talents are sought after who can create trendy designs, just as fashionable as garments are.


What the New Generation Seek in Jewellery


When the discussion about the development of jewellery design as a stream of professional study arises, there is bound to have an evaluation of the expectations that today’s customers have. This starts from the transition of tastes in jewellery, starting with the millennials.


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The shift from strictly traditional concepts of niche designs in gold and silver jewellery combined with emergence of fresh professional talents changed the scene drastically. This can be seen in a country like India where jewellery design is an art and passion that runs through the fabric of its culture.


Learning Professional Jewellery Design in India


There is more than half a dozen internationally reputed and dedicated jewellery designing institutes in india that offer graduate and postgraduate courses. Institutes like Hamstech are also conducting professional courses for upcoming talents. The courses give them the opportunity to confidently seek their rightful place in the professional landscape of the art.


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Generations and their Influence


The millennials have set the pace of the modern market for jewellery. Their preferences, buying style and trends are setting the stage for a forecast of jewellery trends even into the future. The great news for professional designers is that they are going to thrive with ever-increasing opportunities to develop their craft, especially in India.

Social media is a major factor behind the ever dynamic tastes of millennials and the Gen Z customers. Their exposure to jewellery varieties and models on an international level is a challenge and an opportunity for jewellery designers.

Functional wear is the growing preference among today’s jewellery enthusiasts. Also, them being open to wearing jewellery made with other metals than just gold or silver, is also widening the prospects for the artists. The new age customers are particular about what jewellery they wear in different occasions and hence increasing the variety jewellery designers can work on.


D for Diamond


There’s an increased liking for diamonds today. While the new generation of jewellery enthusiasts are also brand-aware, exposure to celebrity ornaments and style statements have made matters very desirable for the jewellery industry, its designers and artisans.

This present trend will be carried forward by the Gen Z who are the future we can already see happening. If you have the potential to imagine the future of jewellery designs, a good jewellery design course can make you proficient in topics like gemmology, computer aided designing, market trend dynamics and entrepreneurship.

The time is right for the creative minds to make their careers bright in Jewellery design.


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