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All You Need to Know as an Aspiring Fashion Journalist

All You Need to Know as an Aspiring Fashion Journalist

The fashion design industry is a complete world in itself. A fashion designer not only works in designing and illustration but also works in various other fields in the industry. They not only create new designs and trends in the market but also work as fashion journalists, visual display experts, design consultants and so much more.

Many Fashion designers work as fashion journalists. They know about all the latest developments in the industry. They go to places and experience their culture to find out more about the fashion preferences of people in that area. 

There are various brands offering fashion designer jobs and you can gain experience by working for reputed designers. Later, you can launch your own label and sell your unique creations. 

Fashion Designer salary for beginners is as per what the market offers. You will be paid based on your portfolio, experience and educational qualifications. The more exceptional your designs are, the more chances of you being hired by a top brand. 

The Fashion designer salary in India is given based on how well the company is doing. The bigger the company, the better your package. But that doesn’t mean, they don’t consider your qualifications. But an established brand will only pay for your value. 

Fashion Design

Before getting deep into the other job opportunities as a fashion designer, let’s first learn how to become a fashion journalist:

Like other fields, fashion journalism also deals with reporting and publishing information. But the only difference is that fashion journalists publish information and pictures related to fashion. This goes out across several media, such as fashion magazines, websites and even on television. However, a fashion journalism (1) career is much more than just writing fashion-related information for magazines or websites. They even work for other related things in the fashion industry. 

What is Fashion Journalism?

Fashion Journalism

Fashion journalism is a field where fashion journalists research and write about the latest fashion style and trends in the market. They write about the breaking news in the fashion industry and the stylish outfits worn by celebrities. They spread this to the general public who wait to hear about the latest trends.  

Fashion journalists get this information by working with fashion stylists, they generally talk to the leading stylists about the latest trends in the market and even the upcoming designs in the market. They interview fashion designers for the latest updates, they visit fashion photoshoots for the latest trendy looks and also go to other events to gather the best and genuine information related to the world of fashion. The basic requirement a fashion journalist must-have is substantial knowledge about fashion and its history.


The Job of a Fashion Journalist

The fashion industry is ever-evolving, working within the industry requires someone who can keep up with information about the latest trends and styles. For that fashion journalists are hired. They write about the newest styles and latest trends in the market. A fashion journalist analyses the pop culture and the current events that are affecting today’s fashion. They even report about the recent fashion news and take notes from fashion critics. They stay in close contact with the fashion critics as they are the ones who decide if the design and style are good or bad, they even give expert guidance about the design and trends. Critics also talk about relevant issues related to the fashion industry. If a fashion journalist is not reporting about any issue or writing about the latest style, that means they are networking with the fashion mentors and celebs. Networking is of key importance in the job of a fashion journalist, they need to socialise with everyone to know their point of view about fashion. 

Experience and Skills for Being a Fashion Journalist

Skills of a Fashion Journalist

Having an experience in the industry before getting your hands on your first entry-level job is the best. It helps you to gain information about how to work in the industry and even helps you get a higher payroll. For this, you need to find an internship at a public relations firm or a magazine that helps you to get familiar with the world of fashion. Joining an internship not only will familiarise you with the fashion world but also helps you grow your contacts with the officials in the industry. This will help you increase your face value and strengthen your portfolio as a journalist. 

There are few skills you must have to grow in the fashion journalism industry they are:

Good Communication

Honing your writing skills is the best way to prepare yourself for the journalism industry. There are a lot of successful fashion journalists who suggest starting your career by writing blogs for themselves. Freelancing blogging is the best way to enhance your writing skills before getting started with a proper full-time job as a journalist. This will help you know all the ups and downs of your writing skills. 

Multiplatform Writing

The rapid advancement in the digital platform has expanded fashion journalism from magazines and newspapers to other digital platforms or social media. It has evolved to an extent where it has taken over social media like Instagram or other blogging sites. A writer with adaptive skills is a boon to the career, every company wants a writer who can adapt himself and write according to the demand of the market.


These were the main skills needed by a fashion journalist, but before becoming a fashion journalist you need to have a degree in fashion design. Thinking of how to become a fashion designer? The answer is very simple: you need to join a fashion designing course. Here you will get a chance to learn from professionals and gain insights into the industry.

Join Hamstech’s range of Fashion Design courses and get guided by our celebrity mentor, Neeta Lulla. So, why wait? Contact us to know about the Fashion designer course fee and enrol in your favourite course today!

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