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Beat 5 photography Errors and Capture Excellence

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A camera has the potential to open up a whole new world. While most of us enjoy photography, quite often we get absorbed in our clicking sprees and forget the actual focus. Be it a professional or a less experienced amateur photographer, mistakes are inevitable.

For any photography enthusiast, clicking the right picture is the penultimate goal before seeing it appreciated. In order to achieve this, it is very important to be able to avoid common errors that cause some of the most beautiful moments to turn into unappealing stills!

If you are looking to pursue a career in photography and consider yourself a perfectionist, then this article will most certainly steer you into the right direction.

Also, keep in mind that along with these points you have to use your discretion to help you evaluate.

Fooled by the Focus!


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The most common tendency of photographers is to completely rely on the autofocus mode while ignoring other important aspects. Depending solely on autofocus doesn’t necessarily give you a sharp image.

A common feature found on every DSLR camera is the focus points. In order to get the perfect focus, make sure you switch to a single point focus. This option is best suited for objects that are stationary. A must-know feature for every beginner!

If you’re hoping to widen your horizons within this field, then be sure to join a photography course and master your technique. While poor focus is not the only error, there are other features like lens, composition, editing, etc. that play an important role in captivating the perfect picture.

The Lens Logic!


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There are various types of lenses which differ from each other on the basis of their focal length. Say you want to capture a landscape picture; then a wide lens should be your pick. On the other hand, a narrow image will need a prime lens.

So, along with knowing a bit about different types of lenses, choosing the correct lens for a specific purpose is also important. You must know when to change the focal lengths; which can be easily done by zooming the lens.

A complete knowledge about camera lenses can be achieved only by enrolling in photography classes that teach you the ins and outs of this trade.

 The Confusion of Composition!


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A usual mistake that most photographers make is placing the subject at the center of the frame. This is what is known as poor composition. Very often photographers place the subject at the center middle of the frame. These photos do not always create flattering images.

Instead, try out a different technique of dividing the image into horizontal and vertical lines. Now place the subject at the intersection point and create an interesting image. You could get to learn many such tips by enrolling at a photography training institute.

Sorry, There’s No Subject!


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If a photo lackS subject, then it is as good as a blank canvas. Other than light, colour, balance, etc., the presence of a subject is vital. Perfect photography is always a blend of all these. As a photographer, you need to discern what your subject is and work things around it.  Many photographers click pictures that look decorated and have an amazing symphony of the environs, but a viewer doesn’t focus on anything in particular.

Editing in Excess!


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Almost every photo needs a bit of editing so as to improve the photo quality. Do remember one thing, that each photo is unique and with over-editing (which most photographers end up doing) you lose its original charm. Filters and effects should be used only if the photo requires them.

Photography is a vast subject and there a lot to learn. You could join any top photography institute in India and acquire the best knowledge. The best part about photography is that there are no specific rules. All you have to do is personally explore and experience it to further enrich you work.

So have fun and test every possibility!

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