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Best Reddit resources about Photography

For every photography enthusiast, learner or professional, the rich resources on internet are of immense help. A lot of exploration to learn or gather information earlier has now been replaced by the opportunity to gain from the experiences that people around the world share. These resources are present on the internet in the forms of websites, blogs, posts, podcasts, channels, forums and more.

At Hamstech, a reputed photography institute in Hyderabad, we urge students to go wide to get knowledge and motivation in photography. Being a discipline that has a huge creative base, learning the craft and science of photography is an almost endless practice here.

For a topic like photography, it is highly desirable that photographers from around the world share their views and resources on a common platform that also facilitates communication. Such a scope for sharing and discussion is available on Reddit, one of the most popular social news aggregation and discussion website based in USA. The website works like a bulletin board system where registered users post content as subreddits.

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The posts can be viewed by even non-registered visitors. A wide variety of topics are covered here and users can even start their own subreddits, which can be seen, commented, shared and discussed about. This makes it a tremendously active forum, which particularly students who are looking for resources beyond photography classes can utilise.

The best out there to go with

For students who have enrolled in a photography training institute but want to learn more from the internet and are looking for inspiration, we have suggestions of the best channels available on Reddit. These subreddits are not only popular but are also acclaimed to provide a good amount of information and motivation that are both valuable for the learner.


A great subreddit for links to lessons in photography that includes advice and info on cameras, photography basics, photography techniques, digital photography, and a lot more. As we have mentioned earlier, a wealth of information is shared on the reddit posts. Such content shall prove to be of great value for those who desire to learn more about the art of photography.


This subreddit shares pictures taken by photographers around the world, which are open for comment and criticism. There’s also room to discuss the shots with the photographers and understand techniques and insights used by them to take the pictures.

art of photography



This is a subreddit where you can post your pictures and ask for opinions about them from the community members. It’s a great place to share your photographic talent with those learning photography. It’s a platform giving like-minded artists a chance to interact and get feedbacks on their work.


A subreddit that is open to picture submissions from members who are looking for comments and opinions. The community’s aim is to help people in developing skills in photography. The community running the subreddit also uses it as a motivational platform for budding photographers to help sharpen their craft.


It’s a highly popular place for discussion on everything about photography. It serves as a platform for expert and amateur photographers to get lessons, suggestions, shared information and loads of ideas to progress in the efforts to learn photography online. The discussions are totally on photography, digital or analog. It gives students of photography an opportunity to learn about this art informally.

learning photography



This is a great resource to explore and to learn analog photography. This subreddit, is featured exclusively to discuss analog photography and shares all the necessary information required to gain about cameras, films, lighting techniques, techniques of taking pictures, processing images, and a lot more. It’s a truly valuable space out there, which provides details that no photography classes usually do.


This space serves intermediate and advanced photographers as well as the beginners learning photography. It has discussions triggering insight into many issues faced by the members. They are mostly redressed or checked upon by the community members.


This subreddit is an exclusive space for photographers to ask for tips, give advice and learn about photography. Amateurs and students in photography can utilize the knowledge available on using all kinds of cameras including mobile phone cameras. Members share their pics and the posts are open to discussion and comments.


It’s essential to learn the many techniques of photography that will be used in taking photos on different occasions. This is an apt subreddit to visit and use to discuss. One can get enlightened about photography techniques, development of style, and the influence of art on photography. The subreddit does not encourage or allow gear-centric discussions as they believe the focus should be on the creative process and not the tools used.


aspects of fashion photography



The subreddit focuses on fashion photography. The posts from members touches many aspects of fashion photography that are informative and helpful.

There are a lot more resources on Reddit in the photography category, too. It’s a boon to have such an opportunity today to learn and collaborate on a global scale. Students, amateurs and experts in photography can all contribute and gain from this internationally acclaimed platform.

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