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Best Resolutions: Attending Fashion Design Weekend Class

fashion design weekend course

If you want to indulge in fruitful activities over a weekend, Hamstech’s weekend classes in Fashion Designing can give you a distinct advantage in getting creative. When you think about giving yourself a break on weekends, it should lead you to learn a creative skill. This will not only keep you ahead of others but can also open an avenue for another career opportunity.

short fashion design course

For over 26 years, Hamstech’s creative education has been renewing and reinventing itself to offer courses that open avenues of opportunities to establish creative careers. The fashion design weekend course is aimed to bring the quality and content of regular courses to those who find it hard to find time on weekdays.

In many circumstances, the educational choices made in Indian households do not include creative subjects like fashion. Though many parents these days are appreciating their children to pursue creative professional courses, a lot of change is yet to come. It was in this scenario that Hamstech stepped in, created awareness and started fashion design weekend class in Hyderabad.

short term fashion designing courses in hyderbad

The weekend courses are helping youngsters to convince their parents to let them learn it at least as an alternative career-building prospect. A weekend course for fashion designing is giving working professionals a chance to drive their passion for fashion designing on a definite and progressive path.

Hamstech’s weekend courses are comprehensive and are delivered by expert faculty. You have access to seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts. Courses like Fashion Design are mentored by celebrity deseigner Neeta Lulla, Bernie Xu and other distinguished designers. You get to participate in the annual fashion event, Hamstech Fashion Sale & Exhibition.

Hamstech ensures that you have matchless industry exposure even when you are studying fashion on weekends. You get to learn fashion styling, fashion marketing and compute- aided fashion designing; the subjects that now you won’t have to learn as separate courses!

fashion design weekend courses in hyderabad

This is why joining a fashion design weekend course is the best decision you will take if you plan to become a fashion designer or entrepreneur in fashion. Your weekend resolution to learn fashion with Hamstech will definitely lead you to a promising career path in the fashion industry.

With Hamstech’s weekend fashion courses, you can aspire to develop skills to help you build a career as a fashion designer, fashion stylist, fashion illustrator, fashion journalist or any other of the many options. To learn more, visit

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