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Best Resolutions: Attending Interior Design Weekend Class

interior design weekend courses in hyderabad

Like architecture, Interior Designing has also earned the status of a professional subject matter of study. The idea of setting the rooms according to one’s whims is no longer a vague idea. While a regular course in interior design is major professional learning vertical at Hamstech, the weekend version of the course is at par with building interior designing skills.

Hamstech’s interior design weekend course is the perfect solution for fulfilling your desire to become a professional interior designer. It works for students and professionals who have the time in the weekend to invest in building a creative skill, as useful and widely applicable as interior designing.

interior design weekend classes in hyderabad

Hamstech’s interior design weekend classes give the same amount of exposure and training to the students as in the regular batches. The course is advised for those who want to shine in the art of planning and decorating spaces with aesthetics and optimal functionality.

Merging purpose with design in spaces is the ultimate aim of interior designing. With Hamstech’s interior design weekend courses in Hyderabad, you now have the chance to learn interior designing from the industry experts. Reputed interior designer Shabnam Gupta’s valuable seminars and interactions will be available to you. These will help you develop a well-educated perspective in the subject, with expertise gained from a systematic training plan.

interior design weekend course

Interior design course at Hamstech trains you in more aspects than just the measurements and math. For example, interior decoration involves planning of the entire interior arrangement with due planning of every small detail like colour and materials for components including furniture. The major aspects you can gain expertise in are:

interior design weekend classes

Interior Sketching

This is about the illustration of the interior space as envisaged by the designer. After the sketch is done, the blueprint is presented to the client. As it is obvious, the client’s opinion and point of view are taken with primary importance, around which the idea is developed.

Specification and Estimation

Keeping the budget in mind, the interior designer makes an assessment of the cost of materials and the work involved. This is a crucial thing to learn as this is what the project is realistically based upon.

Furniture Design

Another important area that needs to be addressed is the furniture. Furniture design can be an area of specialisation in itself. But in the context of interior designing, the topic has great relevance as the furniture is highly functional and is the decorative part of a room.


Computer Aided Design implemented to create 3D models and walkthroughs has revolutionised the planning stage of an interior. Today, with the help of digital technology, a design presentation has become highly realistic and is helping clients to make better decisions.


After all the skills are acquired in interior design, having good communication skills becomes a non-negotiable factor. Hamstech trains to interact with, understand and convince the clients and the team involved in the construction process. This gives an edge to you as a professional in the future.

With all these benefits in place, Hamstech’s interior design weekend course is here to help you capitalise on the time and convenience you have on weekends. You can do a full-fledged professional course with a well-planned curriculum and expert guidance involved. If you are determined, Hamstech is here to set your sails to success.

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