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BLOG CLASS: Here’s how you can strengthen your Interior Designing Skills

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‘Behind every beautiful wall is an Interior Designer’.

What do you think about this statement? I quite agree with it because Interior Designing is all about customising and creating glamourous spaces.

Creativity and talent are not the only skills that suffice when it comes to becoming an interior designer. Along with this, you also need to possess an adequate set of technical skills that can propel you towards guaranteed success!

It was last summer after pursuing my course from one of the best institutes for interior designing in Kukatpally, that I joined a leading Interior Design firm. During my tenure, I realized how important it is to be professionally certified in order to strengthen your interior designing skills.

As I have a habit of maintaining a journal, I practically make a note of everything in my everyday life. Along with writing other stuff, I also jotted few points which I think are important for every aspiring interior designer to know.

Here they are:

Effective Communication

This is the key to almost everything. This is something that is not taught in any interior design class, but needs to be developed and imbibed. Be a keen listener so you can smoothly communicate with your client. Always be clear and precise with your ideas to avoid any kind of miscommunication.

Long Term Plan

This is what every interior designer thinks about. You need to assess your client’s needs in order to plan effectively. Be patient and understand what your client is expecting, then chalk out a plan considering both short-term as well as long-term goals.

Innovative Design Ideas

These can actually get you to the top! Today, everyone wants to own a home/office that is stylish and at the same time have a touch of uniqueness. Being an interior designer, you need to strike a balance between beauty and functionality. A place that just looks great but does not support other needs is of no use. Who would want to invest in such a space? So, keep the basic aesthetics in mind and design a space that not only looks glamourous but is also utilitarian.

course in interior design

Your Mind is Your Database

Yeses, that’s true! Your mind is a reservoir of booming ideas. Let nothing go waste. Keep an open mind to new ideas, be observant, read lots of books to be up-to-date and take inspiration from your surroundings. Also, the more you interact with people from this field, the better the scope.


Acclimatising to change will keep you abreast with your daily schedule. Your day-to-day routine will keep changing and you will need to seamlessly adapt yourself without affecting your work. Be flexible with your plans so that, in case of any changes, you are mentally prepared to take up the next task. If you’re already committed to a regular job but interested in doing a course in interior design, then you can opt to join any institute that offers a part-time course in interior designing.

Management Skills

This is an important topic taught in most institutes, but learning from renowned institute like Hamstech Institute of Fashion & Interior Design, Hyderabad will surely make a difference. Every interior designer must have a basic knowledge of project management, finance, marketing, etc. All of these subjects are comprehensively covered in Hamstech’s curriculum.

institutes for interior designing in Kukatpally


This is an important factor that only you can build between yourself and your client. As your client is giving you his time, money and, of course, space, you have to show that you are confident about handling all of it. Even a slight doubt can raise an alarm if you say, “I don’t think this can be done”. Rather, rephrase your sentence, saying, “Let me check and get back to you”.

Job Commitment

Professional dedication can make or break your career. It’s a tough competition and the only way to shine is to stay steadfast and focused. Always be committed to a project right from its start to end. Never leave anything half-way as this may seriously affect your profile.

part-time course in interior designing

Having considered these points, I’m sure you’d like to add a few of your own too. After all, interior designing is not just about selecting wall paper and upholstery. It is a combination of technical and creative skills that creates spaces definitive of your personality!

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