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BLOG CLASS: How Jewellery Illustration is taught at Hamstech

Jewellery design education

An interesting way to spice up your style is through jewellery. But we all know that, don’t we?

Even a small piece of jewellery can appear significant and effortlessly add glamour to your look. Every ornament involves precision and craftsmanship that turns an ordinary metal into an extraordinary masterpiece.

The growth in Jewellery Designing industry has been massive over a period of five years, and is likely to rise strongly. A course in this subject allows creative students a chance to specialise in jewellery making by enrolling in one of the best jewellery design institutes and obtain employment in a field of their interest.

At Hamstech Institute, a jewellery designing course includes subjects like History of Jewellery, Jewellery Illustration, CAD, Jewellery Retailing and Costume Jewellery, which together aims to impart the right education and turn students into professionals.

Of late historic jewellery has gained immense popularity for its grandeur and unique designs. Its source of inspiration is derived from intricate designs used on the monuments and costumes commonly worn in this period.

If historic jewellery fascinates you, you could always choose to learn jewellery designing in Hyderabad. Hyderabad, a historic city itself, is also popularly known as the city of Nizams. The city is endowed with rich heritage; many monuments and palaces here which will inspire you to craft and create.


Jewellery Illustration


But all jewellery designs begin at the stage of illustration. It is imperative that the desired piece is first drafted on paper before factoring in variables like colour, material, operational functionality etc.

Several jewellery designers collate entire collections in the form of illustrations years in advance so that they can be changed according to the trending environment of any particular point in time.

The subject of Jewellery illustration involves mastering techniques like perspective drawing, aerial view, light, shadow, texture, colouring and a series of technical sketching. For example, in perspective illustration, you are taught how to sketch the top view, front view and side view. All these are the key learning tools involved in a jewellery designing course.

Top institutes like Hamstech in Hyderabad also include an extensive curriculum for the subject of illustration of gemstones and their rendering. Initially, their focus lies in clearing basic fundamental concepts so that the students can graduate from the amateur level to a professional one.

Jewellery designing is indeed a very creative field. However, it requires great precision, an eye for detail and fashion awareness in order to transform this craft into a successful career.

Many famous jewellery designers like India’s Nirav Modi, Farah Khan Ali, Suhani Pittie and more, have engraved their name into the dazzling world of stones and metal. Today, they are an inspiration to many.  And remember, they too started their ideas on paper through the art of Jewellery Illustration.


jewellery designing course


Jewellery design education from a renowned institute promises to do just that! Give you the aspiration to inspire and achieve.

You could choose to be a jewellery designers, a fashion jewellery designer, consultant, or an accessory designer. A career in this industry will guarantee to earn you both fame and name.

So go ahead, sharpen those pencils and give your illustrations an edge and let it evolve into a fine masterpiece!

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