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BLOGGUMENTRY – A Day in the life of a Hamstech Fashion Designing Student

College life is considered to be the best phase of life. The flexibility that you enjoy in college is nowhere else. This is an ideal stage of your life where you get to experience and explore almost everything.

As you complete your schooling, the next thing on your mind is to finalise a college. If you are inclination towards a creative field, then you may want to shortlist couple of fashion designing colleges.

There are only handful of colleges that have taken education to the next level and one among them is Hamstech institute. Hamstech has been a pioneer in imparting creative education.

Today, we interacted with Hamstech’s Fashion Design students (Sneha Gala, Kavya Sharma, Bindu Bhargavi and Sahithi Garlapati).

We captured few snapshots of their day at Hamstech.



Hamstech institute


Seeing the classroom all chirpy, we asked the girls how they usually started their day.

Kavya spontaneously answered saying, ‘the first thing we do is catch up with friends. That’s how our day begins”.

Seeing few body forms draped in muslin, it seemed quite obvious that it was a class on pattern making.

Kavya and was working on pattern. We asked her how was this pattern going to help in fashion designing. Kavya said, “the class on pattern making is very helpful to create the basic draft of any garment. Once you learn how to create the pattern, you can manipulate it to make numerous other patterns.”

12:00 PM – HAVIN


fashion designing course


At around mid-day, we approached the students again and wanted to know what they were upto. Seeing their happy faces we asked them about their next class.

Sneha seemed very excitedly and said, we now have a class on fashion illustration. I enjoy it and have never missed a single class of it. Shiva sir is our favorite teacher as he really teaches well.”

On a lighter note, we asked all of the four of their favorite hangout place in college. All said in unison, “it’s the canteen! we love the food here.

Continuing our conversation, we asked the students how interactive were their teachers?

Sneha very seriously answered saying, “if you wish to pursue a fashion designing course, the teachers must be friendly and interactive. Here at Hamstech, teachers are very good and approachable.”

Seeing some lovely finished garments hung on the body forms, we wanted to know about it. Sahithi said, “in fashion design classes, we often go for site visits. Therefore, depending on our theme, we take inspiration from nature and historical monuments and design garments.”

It was lunch time! We wanted to break for lunch and then catch up again.



fashion design classes


Bindu squealed and told Kavya to rush to the canteen reserve places for the others.

Bindu on seeing us smiled and said, “every student looks forward to breaks. This is the only time when they can meet friends and rejuvenate ourselves.”

Sahithi ordered for chips and cool drinks. They had an early class so didn’t want to get delayed.



fashion design courses


As the day was coming to an end, we wanted to wrap up and asked them one last question if they enjoyed the day?

All the four girls looked very happy. Kavya said, “being a part of a great institute like Hamstech and having such lovely friends around, you can’t ask for more.”

After gathering real-time experiences from the students, we were indeed glad to be a part of a student’s college the life.


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