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Click Night-Time Pictures Like A Pro!

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Taking dramatic photographs at night requires a different mindset. It can be quite challenging for beginners. There are a few steps that you need to follow while clicking pictures during night time. These include manipulation of the aperture, ISO and shutter speed among many other things.

Night photography is a very interesting topic for a student at a photography school. Through this blog, we will give you a few tips to take photos during the nights.

Follow these three useful techniques to help you shoot in the dark.

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Turn Off the Flash

If you leave the camera in Auto mode, you allow the flash to function automatically. This compromises with low light. As a result, the background becomes completely dark and the subject will become overbright. This will make a photo appear clumsy. To resolve this problem, you can try clicking in any other mode except the flash on auto mode!

A sturdy tripod is a must

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To click pictures at night, you will have to use long exposures to get great shots and for that, a tripod is a mu.

Make sure that your tripod is not fragile. If it is fragile, you may not be able to see the soft blur on the LCD screen while shooting in the dark. You need to check the tripod’s bubble level to ensure that it is straight.

Shoot RAW footage

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As students of photography courses will know, taking photos in the JPEG format is preferred by many photographers as it takes up less space on the memory card. Also, JPEG files can be uploaded without converting into another format. The only problem with the JPEG format is that images get compressed drastically. This is a major problem if you are shooting in a high dynamic range.

When you are shooting at night, keep your image files in the raw form in your camera. Although raw images require more space, it will keep the quality of the photos intact!

Although these tips will come handy when you click a picture at night, joining a photography course will give you hands-on experience in this field. The more you experiment, the more you’ll be rewarded with stunning images that you will be proud of!

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