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Creating a Win-Win Jewellery Experience

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As a business, jewellery retail is a field of glittering opportunities but with equally great challenges to get the trust and clientele right. It is one thing to learn the craft of designing and making jewellery. But to make it a business takes understanding its unique properties and the nature of its clients.


The Product


Jewellery as a product category includes a broad variety of wearables that are considered largely a luxury. Jewellery could be made with precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. If jewellery is all about fashion, many other metals including alloys could also be used in the making.


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Traditionally, gold ornaments are much in vogue. In a country like India, gold ornaments have a place in popular culture and have an incomparable demand. The mainstay of jewellery business in India is also around gold. This is followed by silver. Ornaments with precious stone embellishment is another major attraction for the jewellery enthusiasts. You can learn much about this in detail at a jewelry design school.

Respecting traditional designs while introducing modern varieties can help change the customer’s preferences gradually and probably help set new trends with publicity through happy clients.


The Appeal


The jewellery buyers love to choose the best accessory that can beautify them and give them an extra charm. It is more of an instrument for satiating the ego than a necessity. Hence, building the appeal for jewellery at your store starts with setting up a unique ambience, making the customer-connect memorable and the guide-through to sale executed like a pro.

Showing genuine happiness for them looking beautiful is a big sales pitch in itself. So if you told them that every jewellery they tried on looked wonderful, they would either get too indecisive or will smell out your bluff.


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The Method


The customer interaction becomes effective with the involvement of every member in the staff including the doorkeeper. This is one of the lessons you get to learn from a jewellery design institute. In a challenging market landscape of the current times, that involves media channels like websites and social media, getting a customer itself is a challenge and maintaining them a huge task.

Some smart tips for customer engagement can really make things work well for a jewellery entrepreneur. Jewelry design education ideally feature such tips added to the curriculum.


Upgrade the branding strategy, staff and technology timely.


Better customer service comes with a staff that is upgraded on the trends and techniques related to jewellery. Also, stores that show their presence well on social media apart from strategically located walk-in stores tend to get more customer engagement. It is also important that the customers do not consider your brand as an aged and seen-it-all entity. Refresh the branding strategy periodically.


Give walk-in customers a new message.


Today, a lot of information on your brand and products are already available and are researched online. So, it is important that when the customers walk in, you should present them with new and interesting information beyond what they already know. Nourish their researched knowledge and enthusiasm with your inputs and make the sale a climax to a long trail of customer interaction.


Keep employees motivated and satisfied.


The employees matter the most as they are the faces of the brand that interact with the customers. Keep them motivated and satisfied. Help them groom themselves to be presentable and impressive to win the customer’s favour.


Be ready to help the customer when they need it.


When the customers leave the store after a purchase, there ideally starts a relation that could be reinforced by helping them out in anything that’s even not a sale. It’s such rapport that will create a solid sense of loyalty in the minds of customers.


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