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Dare to Display: Setting Up a Photography Exhibition

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It’s a photographer’s dream to display his/her photographs to the world, get appreciated and even get sold. At an exhibition, the photographer can reach out to viewers and interact with them. Photography exhibition is a key step for a photographer towards establishing oneself as a professional.

With advancement in photography study students start to gain mastery and get direction in the craft. Photography training institutes like Hamstech give students the opportunity to exhibit their works. For this, in-house events are organised by the photography school.

There are a few key factors in setting up a photography exhibition. An awareness of these factors is essential in photography courses.


The Plan


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Proper planning results in a successful exhibition. You can seek help and support from your faculty, family, friends and/or professional circle.

Three basic factors in planning an exhibition are location, budget and schedule. The location of the exhibition should attract visitors. Rent a gallery space wide enough and decluttered to give room for visitors to watch. Ideally, the venue should have high roofs, natural lighting and walls with neutral colours. Well-laid walking path for viewers is also important.

Budget should be kept reasonable and affordable. Your best friends, family and other financiers or sponsors can contribute. Beginners must plan to start small on cost.

Be sure that all your pictures are set up and theme paraphernalia if any on schedule.


The Theme


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The pictures chosen for the exhibition should be part of a theme that connects them all together in one narrative. This is the best way to give meaning to the collection. The theme should also be well-communicated to the viewer. Let your best works be present in the collection.

The interior setting should also match the theme of the exhibition. The lighting and ambience should also suit the theme well. There should be good balance in display of pictures in portrait and landscape, colour and monochrome and different sizes.


The Arrangement


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There should be enough space in between pictures to allow the viewer to focus on one picture at a time. If there are more than one theme or subject in the exhibition, clearly divide the event into different sections. Make sure the lighting is soothing and not too hot or direct on the photos. The photos should be mounted at a natural eye level for the viewer.


The Network


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Invite your immediate connections like family and friends to the exhibition. Give an invite to very relevant people like artists and even photographers. Announce the event in print and social media. Keep your business card ready at the event and have enough brochures about the event ready to be given out.

Post the event, social media posts and promotions can keep the reference to your event alive.

Photography exhibition is a very important event for a photographer as it not only gives the photographer the fame but can even be a source of earnings too.

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