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Doing the Greater Good with Hamstech Institute

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Human wellness and progress is the foundation of every corporate establishment. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the broad concept that constitutes the recognition of the duty of an organisation and institution to contribute from their revenue or profits to mankind and nature for sustained progress and true development.

The simple thought behind CSR is that when corporates are considerate about the emancipation of the underprivileged or overexploited, with their bounty, an array of social concerns can be alleviated or resolved.

Upholding its duty to address issues that plague the industries it deals with, Hamstech Institute is an active participant in various CSR activities. The institute has a very clear perspective of the scope of social responsibility of each domain it handles. Hamstech infuses ethical values in every student which they stand by while working on their creative and professional aspirations.


fashion design courses


Humane Fashion


Do you believe in sustainable fashion? Do you want the increase the use of organic, recyclable raw materials for manufacturing garments? How about going eco friendly?

If you are positive in your response to these questions, you share Hamstech’s enthusiasm for promoting these concepts. In its fashion designing courses, Hamstech affirms its advocacy of sustainable fashion to its students.

Sustainable fashion causes slow fashion. Sustainable fashion uses eco-friendly fibres like cotton and jute to produce high quality and skin-friendly fabric. The garments made out of such fabric are meant to be used for a considerable period of time. As opposed to fast fashion, that uses cheaper but toxic synthetic yarns, sustainable fashion creates great value per garment as they aren’t rapidly replaced causing wastage.

The institute also spreads awareness through its social media campaigns against the abuse of animals for skin used as raw material for fashionable accessories.


interior designing courses


Space for Life


Clutter is ugly and passe. Through its interior designing courses, Hamstech gives lessons in designing spaces that are created for optimal use. Such spaces not only have accessories for comfort and decoration but scope for nature to mingle with the inhabitants, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

“Green” as a popular term these days in interior designing signifies natural healthy living. Interior design today is more about creating functional space, bringing elements of nature in and enabling people to conserve valuable commodities like power and water. Interior design facilitates natural lighting, presence of indoor plants giving fresh air and accessories with multiple utilities reducing clutter, are ensuring well-being and sustainability that are essential for life.


photography training courses


Click for a Cause


Many join photography training courses to master the art and technique of photography to click wonderful and eye-catching images. But a few turn the lens towards sights that we miss or take for granted, that should really impact our mindset and set us on a path of change.

Hamstech appreciates students working on meaningful and reformative photography that brings up social and environmental issues.

Using the art of photography for social causes is a responsibility for every photographer. So be it press photography or a click from a caring citizen, bringing up visuals that portray a need for change can create a huge impact, especially with social media.

In its annual event, Pixel Perfect, photographs clicked by students’ reflect social responsibilities which is well appreciated and recognized.

Pitching in to support and put forward a culture of best practices for the students, the institute earns great credibility in the industry. No wonder the institute has the acquaintance of industry’s best professionals that boosts the advantages of the courses for the students.

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