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Everything About Makeup You Must Know

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Women today love applying makeup. No matter what the occasion is, they love creating new looks. From bronzing to contouring, applying blush to highlighter, there are numerous products that will help you enhance your appearance.

During the era of ancient Greeks and Romans, they would colour their faces with different types of powders that were created using stones and ground-up minerals, but the history of makeup has become a little less colourful as time went by. All through the Middle Ages and until the 19th century ended, pale skin was considered trendy. Women painted their faces, necks or chests with a mixture made from lead and vinegar, which was also known as ceruse. Queen Elizabeth I of England had a white face and a large forehead. She was widely known to sport this look. It was popular for centuries and women used this daily. While women today struggle to choose products with countless options, women who used the lead-based mixture frequently ended up with muscle paralysis or died young.

When the 20th century began, products that we’d recognise today like lipsticks, mascaras and nail polishes started to be manufactured.

Prototype Cosmetics

The very first use of prototype cosmetics is usually traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Many Egyptian tombs had makeup canisters and kits inside them. Cleopatra famously used lipstick that got its shade from ground carmine beetles. Many other women used clay mixed with water to give colour to their lips.

Ancient Egyptians used kohl to enhance their eyes. Men and women used kohl, which was a mixture of metal, lead, copper, ash and burnt almonds, all around their eyes. The circles of kohl were believed to ward off the evil eye and dangerous spirits. They were also handy in deflecting the harsh desert sun. With recent research, scientists have found out that kohl makeup might have somehow helped the Egyptians ward off infectious diseases. The lead would kill off bacteria, though if the Egyptians had long lives. It might have eventually killed them off as well.

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In this blog, we have shared some tips and tricks that will help you create an elegant no-makeup look very quickly and easily.

Skin First

This look is all about glowing and natural skin. So, what is the quickest way to get make your skin glowing? You must have glowy, natural skin. While not everyone has an amazing youthful glow like most celebrities, we know how to fake it. Before embarking on this no-makeup journey, you must prepare your skin. Use a hydrating face mask before applying makeup, this will help you get supple and moisturised skin.

Use a Makeup Primer

When you opt for a minimal look, the easiest way to get a smooth base is by using a primer. You can cater your product choices to the kind of look you’re choosing for your skin type. A pore filling primer will smoothen and fill any pores. This wouldn’t cause them to clog the way a thick foundation might. An illuminating primer will give you a glow from within and make you look super hydrated.

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Go Light on the Coverage

Avoid thick, full coverage foundations for a no-makeup look. Your skin can get some extra hydration with the help of Tinted moisturisers, BB and CC creams which will also help freckles, redness and other imperfections to shine through. You can apply with a buffing foundation brush to cover more, or with a sponge to keep the dewiness you want.

Use a Lightweight Concealer for Blemishes

If you want to cover your blemishes or dark circles then must use a hydrating & lightweight concealer. Blend this with your fingers as the warmth of your skin will make the product melt right away.

Cream Everything You Can

Creams usually make everything blend and sink right in and it tends to look a little more natural than powders. After applying your foundation and concealer, you can blend a cream bronzer with a damp sponge. Just set it lightly with a powder bronzer, if you’re worried about everything lasting all day. You can also keep all the glowy goodness by locking it all in with a setting spray.



Dew is Your Friend

Adding a little dew to the tops of the cheekbones can go a long way in making your face look natural yet glowy. Instead of going for a traditional shimmery highlighter, opt for a cream with a clear base. This can look just like sweat, after a workout or a natural dew to the skin. The texture of the product will also blend right in with the other cream products on your face.

Fake those Pink Cheeks

Naturally blushed look to the skin looks gorgeous and unpolished. You can get that look in one of the easiest ways. Experts during a makeup artist course say that you just add a little bit of cream blush to the apples of the cheeks, up onto the temples and right on the bridge of your nose to get a natural blush.

Brush Up Brows for a No-Makeup Look

Bushy, unruly brows are both accepted and encouraged in the fashion world. Enhance the beauty of your natural brows by simply using a brow gel with fibres and brushing them up into place. Through makeup courses, you can learn to create perfect brows for different looks.

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Skip the Mascara for a No-Makeup Look

The skin is the star of the show in this look, so it can be a good idea to go light on the lashes. Unless you have super dark lashes naturally, apply a single coat of mascara. It does not look heavy but only opens your eyes lightly. You can curl your lashes and apply brown mascara to the top and bottom lashes. You can also go for a completely natural makeup design look and skip mascara altogether and flaunt those natural lashes.

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Subtle Coloured Lips for a No-Makeup Look

You can get a natural tint like you get when you eat a popsicle. There are numerous products available in the market that will help you get natural-looking, supple lips. Any makeup artist would say that the easiest way to get this is by applying lipstick and blotting off the excess by using a tissue.

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If you have been searching ‘beautician courses near me’, then you must join one of India’s leading institutes, Hamstech. Enrol in our Makeup Artistry course and get a chance to learn from professionals. Through our well-curated course, you will be able to become a certified makeup artist in just 3-month!

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