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Fashion Communication: Fashion Design Beyond Designing

fashion designing

What is fashion communication?

It involves the process of channeling the message of your brand to its consumer. Several pivotal activities that transform ideas into sales happen by virtue of fashion communication.

Experts in fashion communication are aware of the fashion design domain and are mostly certified fashion designers. They have the required skills in visualising, designing and writing creatively to put the perspective on the product forward.

In the broad domain of fashion designing, fashion communication is the discipline that also works on human tendencies and affinities, albeit a psychological affair. It’s about understanding mindsets and idea exchanges to effect concept creation, implementation, product development and sellout. Information and ideas gets passed across different roles and levels in fashion design.

Formal training in fashion communication is a part of study at fashion designing institutes.

fashion designing institutes

Visual Merchandising

In visual merchandising, the fashion designer sets the best theme for the fashion product display. The aim is to appeal to the viewers. The display style of a product has as much bearing as its own quality.

In fashion design, methods like in-store displays, outdoor displays, fashion shows and fashion photography evokes an impression from the viewer. Innovative displays with themes can include mannequins or models dressed up in a dress category, presented in a fitting environment.

Fashion show is a live visual merchandising technique. Models show up in attires from a particular collection. A lot of preparation, planning, coordination and execution goes into this effort that also results in brand-building.

The aim is to convert even a disinterested person to an active buyer. For this, three dimensional layouts and floor plans for effective display are laid out. Principles like viewability, informative capacity and creative presentation are taken care of during implementation.

fashion designing training


Styling sets the stage for effective presentation of fashion products through several media. The stylist decides on the optimal design for presentation. He/she should have a good knowledge of media to exhibit the product effectively to the potential buyer.

In case of a store display, the concept, mannequin positions, poses and the dresses of choice are decided by the stylist. In a fashion show, the attires in the collection and their combinations shall be decided by the stylist. In a print or digital display, the photographic quality, the graphic setting and design inputs shall be of the stylist.

fashion designing classes

Graphic Design

Graphic design stands mostly applicable to print and digital media. An awareness and knowledge in graphic designing helps the designer to provide the best insight and suggestions for making an impressive presentation. The colours and patterns, the highlights, the balance of elements and more are checked and approved for the sake of robust results.

fashion design course

Public Relations

In fashion, beyond creativity and great design, collaboration and networking helps establish a designer in the industry. Public relations depend on the skill to network and bring people who matter together.

This dynamic job involves planning and organising meetings with clients, partners and collaborators who make the fashion business successful. Fashion communication demands a lot of spontaneity and interpersonal skills besides design and presentation prowess.

Diploma in Fashion Designing

Creative Writing

Words have the power to give meaning, inspire thoughts and inspire curiosity and faith. Creative writing is essential for successful campaigns. A designer should be well aware of the ways a good copy can make a great difference in promoting a fashion product, leading to its sale.

The designer should have a skill in creative writing that suits fashion and lifestyle industries. These industries are the major contributors in bringing expression and utility in every product used in daily life.

fashion designing courses

Event Management

Fashion shows, interactive sessions and press meets are social events that are instrumental in promoting fashion products. Managing such events is a hard task requiring a lot of organising skill.

Charting a good floor plan and keeping every component of the event functional becomes essential. The challenge of meeting spontaneous requirements tests the caliber and presence of mind of the organiser. This is also a part of fashion design training.

Hamstech’s Diploma in Fashion Designing deals with the subject of fashion communication as a module in its fashion designing courses. The aim is to groom a multifaceted and multitalented designer with a hold on different aspects of the fashion industry.

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