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Fashion Design Advice: Tips on Healthy Fashion

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While fashion is making us confident, trendy and accepted, mindlessness is making us literally weaker in the joints and giving us more pain than pleasure in the long run.

Ask any woman who has ever tried walking up and down the street in high heels and you’ll get your answer! Hence, purpose is important in fashion designing.

The basic lessons delivered in fashion design classes include the understanding of human body and its posture; prompting designers to create fashion that suits the body and renders it functional.

We at Hamstech Institute want every fashion enthusiast to follow proper use of fashion accessories and take responsibility towards one’s own health, first. Our fashion design training bases itself on the advocacy for fashion that makes your personality project better and make lifestyle more enjoyable.


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Losing Heads Over Heels


You should ponder on how inconsequential many women think wearing high heels is! Let’s examine this in a physiological context:

Human body has numerous muscles and bones working in tandem to maintain body balance. Wear a wrong pair of high heels or wear one on a wrong occasion, and you end up jeopardising your physique. The body makes a strenuous attempt to realign and maintain balance.

With heels touching the ground, the body-weight is well-distributed on the feet. When heels are set higher, the strain shifts to the hip, spine and toes that reel under the pressure, risking pain and injury. Frequently walking around in heels gradually intensifies muscular and skeletal health issues.

The bottomline is to use high heels sparingly. Choose a heel size suiting your body measurements. Also, wear flat footwear while active. Also, while in high heels, take breaks to stretch and relax your leg muscles.


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Choose Comfort Over Contours


It seems the ghosts of the mythical torturous corsets are back as garments viz. skinny jeans, tight pants and pencil skirts!

Men and women must abstain from wearing too tight a garment. Clothing, while fashionable, should also let you stay active, help your skin breathe and suit your body shape.

You can always show off contours with alternative garments that are not tight-fitting and are made of skin-friendly fabrics. Don’t let your garment make it hard to do even simple actions like sitting, walking and bending.


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Have a Knack with Bags


Bags are accessories that look fashionable in the right combination with your attire. Handbags to travel bags; carry them without affecting your health.

Never put all your stuff into one bag. Without a choice, carry a bag while switching hands to avoid straining just one part of your body overly. Use a rolling suitcase for ease. If you’ve 2 bags, pack your stuff into both so that you carry less weight in each hand.

Have a bag or purse with strap long enough to put around your neck. This eases the hands and distribute the weight evenly on both halves of your body.

Don’t stuff the world into your backpacks, you’ll only end up torturing your spine. Also, please don’t carry the same bag everywhere. Carry bags that suit the activity you’re up to.

Learning healthy fashion is a necessity that institutes like Hamstech encourages and implements. The human element in fashion goes beyond the glam and bears largely on the well-being of the person.

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