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Fashion Design: Applying Fine Art to Your Outfits

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There’s a deep connection between fashion and art. Today, art is no more confined to just walls and canvases. Paintings are now featured on garments and accessories as well. From portraits to landscapes, every type of painting is made a part of the garment’s design.

Some of the most common garments such as skirts, tops, sarees, tunics, dresses, etc. are often seen with amazing artwork. Considering the growing trend for paintings and artwork, fashion design institutes too are training students on the same.


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Types of Paintings


Many fashion designers are reviving old historical paintings by showcasing them in their collections. Ancient Madhubani and Mithila paintings, Warli art and Kalamkari paintings are beautifully shown on various types of garments.

Indian fashion designers such as Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul, Anita Dongre, etc. have all used Indian paintings and artwork in their collection. International fashion designers such as Valentino, Prada and Stella McCartney too have taken inspiration from various artists and showcased paintings on their collection.


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Fabrics and Colouring Mediums Used


You don’t have to be an artist to paint on a garment. The best thing about painting on garments is that it instantly enhances the appearance. Even a boring garment can turn into an interesting piece! Many designers use different colour mediums to paint on fabrics. Fabric colours, oil paints and natural colours are often used. When it comes to painting, there are selective fabrics that are used as not all fabrics absorb colours well. Fabrics such as cotton, linen, jute and muslin are good for the purpose. In fashion design classes, under the subject ‘textile design’, students get to do lot of practical work which enables them to learn better.


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The Making


There’s a certain process followed when painting on a garment or a fabric.  First, the garment or the fabric is washed so it’s clear of starch. Once the placement of the motif is fixed on the fabric, it is then traced.

Tracing is done with a light coloured chalk. The number of repeats is decided and traced accordingly. After this, fabrics paint is mixed in a palette and applied on the motif. Mostly, the border of a saree, drape, sleeves and neckline are painted.

In a fashion design college, students enjoy fabric paintings the most.

With easy guidance and in a few simple steps, you too can paint amazing motifs on your favorite garment and enhance its look.

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