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Fashion Design: Basics of Pattern Making

Fashion Design: Basics of Pattern Making

Fashion designing is the art of creating new outfits by putting ideas and designs together. It looks simple and easy but needs a lot of focus and concentration to make a design and create an outfit using those plans. In this modern era, everyone wants to look stylish wearing the latest trends. Who creates these trendy, stylish outfits? It is the job of a fashion designer to make these outfits. A fashion designer must not only have the imaginative skills to design a dress but also the knowledge of the popularity of these latest trends in the market. 

The job as a fashion designer may sound tricky, but it is very intriguing. Unlike the other 9 to 5 desk jobs, it gives you the liberty to work under your own conditions. The job as a fashion designer is always active and engaging needing a lot of energy to work under stressful situations.     

You must be thinking that the raise in the paycheck of a Fashion designer may not be as much as you expect. But you are highly mistaken. Fashion industry is considered to be the highest-paid industry. Even though the salary of a fashion designer is more, there are still a lot of openings for fashion designer jobs and you will never run out of options. 

People think, the scope of Fashion Designing in India may not be as great as in other countries. But this is a myth. There are a lot of job opportunities as a fashion designer in India. Their paycheck is considerable compared to other countries. 

Thinking of how to become a fashion designer? The answer is simple joining a fashion designing course to get a degree in fashion design.

Before selecting a designing college there are few things you need to keep in mind. First, the fee of the designing course; second, the faculty in the college and third, the real-time experience provided by the college. Select the college which fulfills all the three requirements which are: reasonable fee, the best training and real-time experience from the leading designers in the industry. 

Before learning in-depth about fashion designing, you first need to know the basics.

Pattern Making

Fashion Design_ Pattern Making

Pattern making is considered to be the initial step in the fashion design industry. Before putting your design or idea on the fabric you need to put it on paper. This helps you to get a realistic view of what is the core idea for the design and where did you start thinking. So, if you bobble-up with the design you can go back to the initial idea you had in your mind and start afresh.

As we now know that pattern making is an important step in fashion designing. Let’s learn about the methods of pattern making


Fashion Design_ Drafting

(source of image: google)

Drafting involves the collection of important information related to the size of the model. Accurate measurements will lead to the dress head and shoulders above. Drafting is the accurate and detailed measurements taken on a paper. A two-dimensional representation of the human body in numeric form, by taking the measurements of chest, waist, hindquarters and so on. This provides the designer with a rough idea about the shape of the body which is helpful while designing. This two-dimensional representation of a human figure on paper is known as drafting


Fashion Design_ Draping

(source of image: google)

Just like drafting, draping is also used to gather all the information required. Then, it is put on paper, making a two-dimensional design. Furthermore, these are put together on the fabric to form a three-dimensional representation of the design. Draping is used to show the replica of the dress that is to be made in a smaller form. This provides the designer with a proper idea of how the dress will look. Draping is hence considered, a time-taking and expensive method than drafting. 


Pattern Making Today

Fashion Design_ Pattern Making Today

In today’s world, everything is technologically progressive. Pattern making has been made a lot easier with the new software in the market. Using this software, we can make patterns in no time. This software also lessens the designer’s time and efforts in making the patterns manually. This software has made patterns more economical and time-efficient. Hence, let us read about pattern making software in the market.


Pattern Making Software

Fashion Design_ Pattern Making Software

In pattern-making software, you are allowed to set your measurements and draft the design as the inputs are given. Drafting will be done according to the measurements which are provided. This helps in the reduction of wastage and gives out the perfect shape as imagined. The software also has the feature of a 3D body scanner. This lessens the weight of giving the inputs manually. The software scans the body and takes the measurements itself. This 2D and 3D software scans and takes the measurements, generating the output in a 2D figure. 


Drafting and draping methods may sound easy but are complicated and must be done carefully. The proper training on pattern making methods has to be done to master the skill. If not, we can make mistakes in making the pattern which will eventually lead to the wrong design and the dress won’t come out as expected. For this, we need proper training from professionals. Join Hamstech to learn from our celebrity mentors and experienced faculty. Enrol now! 

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