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Fashion Design Business: Entrepreneurs in Fashion

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You either sell garments or sell fashion.

So if you are working with the ambition to do business in fashion, you must be aware that selling ideas in garments is a uniquely creative job unlike vending outfits in a textile shop. And since the aim is to sell, fashion entrepreneurship is a merger of smart commercial practices and innovative design ideas.

Do you know some very successful entrepreneurs in fashion? Are you a student at one of the fashion designing institutes like Hamstech? Do you take keen interest in learning how their businesses began and flourished?

In this blog, we will take a look at few aspects of entrepreneurship in fashion designing. To a fashion designer, it’s essential to get an insight about the transition of sheer creativity into improved extensions of popular culture. This, in time, spawns a new fashion culture altogether. Also, the process of adaptation of innovation in fashion to fulfil the greater commercial ambitions is another important aspect.

Let’s proceed with this discussion by bringing some influential factors that contribute to successful fashion entrepreneurship.


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Success in fashion business is more than profiteering.


You may know many enterprises that aim at exclusively making profits. Success in a fashion enterprise is equally or even more about creating a brand value. It forms an exclusive persona that people can start relating with their own status. To keep this privilege to the longest takes consistency. Perseverance and persistence are needed to win in the fashion business.

Skill in creativity, shrewdness and sufficient business know-how are needed to convert ideas and visions into profitable ventures. It’s truly a great challenge.


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There’s a social relevance to a fashion enterprise.


A fashion enterprise is opened not just to cater to high society or fast-fashion enthusiasts. A fashion designer’s ingenuity can convert indigenous fashion elements to global favourites, thus saving many precious culturally important industries like cottage industries.

That’s how garment arts like Kalamkari and Banjara arts are doing exceptionally well in the Indian fashion scene. The inclusion of such art elements in designer garments sold at fashion outlets do great help in preserving indigenous industries. Also, smart business initiatives in fashion can promote socially relevant practices like eco-friendly fashion.


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Technologically, fashion entrepreneurship has never been as expansive as today.


The upsurge of online fashion stores have been facilitated by the availability of good bandwidth, high connectivity and streamlined e-commerce applications. The new era of online stores has gifted the fashion industry with the unprecedented opportunity to showcase and deliver designer wear more conveniently and cost-effectively.

Despite the quality of designs and variety, the chances of an online fashion outlet to be more profitable than brick and mortar showrooms have increased exponentially.

Being a reputed institute of fashion designing we at Hamstech make multiple aspects of the fashion industry evident to every enthusiastic learner.

We believe that from this brief discussion, you have had a spark of inspiration to think about starting an enterprise in fashion.

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