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Fashion Design: Casual Wear for Casual Moments

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Well, well! You must have come across that moment of rush at least once in your life when the street suddenly seems OK to tap your foot to the tune. It could also be your most cherished casual moment, which need not be left out without an apt yet fashionable outfit to complement it.

It is apt for a student at one of the fashion design colleges to suggest you casual wear with his/her knowledge. So if you are feeling gales of joy inside, consider hitting the streets wearing:




It gives you unlimited mobility and yet style and comfort to be in a tee when it is the most informal time of your day! The cool factor added, tee is your best bet to indulge in a light-hearted mood.




Stretched jeans would be best to wear for max comfort. But any jean can give you a youthful feel and serve you well. Just be sure about skin tight jeans because you must be sure you can carry those off with ease. Chinos are also good picks so that you can have a lighter fabric and easy movement.




Try a denim jacket on and add pin up badges if you care. Learn how to pep up a jacket best from a fashion design class if you can.




Put your favourite sneakers on and float around like you have no qualms about being trendy and youthful. Dance needs to let you release your joy and your feet should keep your bounce alive!

So, what do you think about this ensemble? Well, being in one of those fashion design colleges can make you better at suggesting more combinations for precious casual moments like this.

Remember fashion aficionados, life is worth nothing without style and smile. So do the best at these!

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