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Fashion Design Facts: The Greatest Inventions in Fashion

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Inventions have not only made headlines in science and technology but fashion too. The inventions in fashion have set new trends and even introduced new clothing types that served a purpose for style and more.

Inventions in fashion have even been major influencers in changing a prevalent culture. New garment designs or clothing types have nourished the fashion designing scene and have been instrumental in furthering the scope of creating unique attires.

Fashion design schools are hotbeds of anticipation for that exceptional designer with an innovative design idea or technique in making clothings. Throughout history, such inventions have proven to be fashion milestones, that often forms fresh inspiration for designers and garment makers.

While many attempts at finding the next big invention are made, every institute of design is adding impetus to the efforts. For now, let’s just check out some of the greatest inventions in fashion that has made its mark in history too.


RIght and Left Shoes


A pair of shoes may have been a major invention in ancient times. But what about the invention of right and left shoes? Before the year 1800, footwear was made of wood and had no distinct shaping for left or right legs. But from the year 1800 footwear designers started designing shoes with distinct left and right leg forms. This accessory improvement is followed till date.


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The Zipper


The zipper, a commonplace device today, has had its beginnings as early as 1851. Elia Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine, patented an early technique of zipper but failed in making it commercial. Decades later, Whitcomb Judson’s clasp locker introduced an improved version of a hookless fastener. In 1913, the modern zipper design took shape with Swedish-American engineer Gideon Sundback developing the metal zipper.


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The Blue Jeans


The iconic blue denim jeans, that was used as an attire to display a rebellious attitude, had its origins in America. Construction workers, cowboys, hippies and men and women of all ages wore the blue jeans, which easily became the rage in fashion. Movie actors and singers wore the garments and heightened its reputation and style value.


Synthetic Fibres


The invention of synthetic fibres revolutionised the fashion industry. Rayon was introduced in 1924 as a form of artificial silk. Nylon was the first polymer type synthetic fibre. These fibres are more durable and cheaper to produce, making them the raw material for cheaper clothing and the reason for trends like fast fashion.

These are some major inventions among many that have defined history of fashion in a quite interesting manner. More inventions are bound to come and thinking about them should inspire you to explore fashion with more passion.


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